Unpopular Products

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The information on this page is not relevant for the CIS countries.

A product becomes unpopular if it wasn’t sold:

  • within 30 days for the “Clothing” category;
  • within 45 days for other categories.

We hide unpopular products to prevent overall sales performance from decreasing and to allow customers to see well-selling products from other sellers.

Why did my products become unpopular #

Analyse hidden PDPs.

When creating a product, fill in as many attributes as possible, add photos of a good quality, and a detailed product description in Russian. Set a competitive product price as well, depending on its type and the availability from other sellers.

Take into account the Content rating metric. It will tell you what characteristics to fill in for your product to make it the most attractive to customers.

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How to restore hidden products #

Hidden unpopular products can’t be restored, but you can contact support to clarify the details or dispute the reason for hiding. To do this, specify hidden products IDs and why you think the product was hidden by mistake in the request.

When creating a product, pay attention to PDP requirements and available product creation limits. Don’t create exact copies of hidden PDP. If you upload copies of hidden PDPs without editing, they may also be hidden later due to being unpopular.

How to make my products not hidden #

So that your products won’t get hidden, we recommend you to:

  • Archive out-of-season products.
  • Timely manage product prices.
  • Use Ozon promotion tools. Once you’ve paid for the service, products promoted by Ozon aren’t hidden for a month.

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