Unpopular Products

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A product becomes unpopular if it wasn’t sold, viewed, or added to the cart for 180 days. We hide unpopular products because they adversely affects the display of well-selling products from other sellers, the convenience of customers and overall sales performance.

Why did my products become unpopular #

Analyse PDPs that were hidden. Check what distinguishes them from PDPs that were not hidden or products of similar categories from other sellers. Hidden products can differ from well-selling ones in terms of price, quality of images and descriptions, and other product characteristics. Learn more about product requirements

Is it possible to restore products hidden due to being unpopular #

Hidden unpopular products can’t be restored but you can contact support to clarify the details or dispute the reason for hiding. To do this, you need to specify IDs of hidden products and the reason why you think the product was hidden by mistake in the text of the request.

You can also create a new product. When creating a product, pay attention to the requirements for the design of PDPs and available limits for creating products. Do not create exact copies of hidden PDPs: if you upload copies of hidden PDPs without editing, they may also be hidden due to being unpopular later.

Blocking a seller account due to the product being unpopular #

If 100% of your products fall into the category of unpopular, we may block your seller account for poor content quality. Learn more about reasons for blocking