Orders cancellations

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Cancellations by Ozon #

Ozon cancels orders if they violate the terms of the offer. This is because Ozon, as Russia’s most well-known marketplace, values its reputation and maintains the quality standards we promise the customer.

There are the following types of cancellations:

  • Cancellation by Ozon if the customer refuses to provide passport details – 24 hours after order creation.
  • Cancellation by Ozon if packing or transfer deadlines are exceeded - on the 5th day:
    • Non-integrated method: seller didn’t set the shipment to “In transit” status in the personal account
    • Integrated method: carrier has not passed the event on the track number and the status has not changed to “In transit”, or the seller has provided an untraceable track number, or the shipment has been sent via an “untraceable” postal channel.
    • Partner delivery: The carrier did not receive the shipment at the drop-off point and gave the shipment a status of “Not accepted at the Sorting Centre”, after that the status has not been changed for 14 days.
  • Cancellation by Ozon at the customer’s request if the delivery date is more than 24 days overdue.
  • Cancellation by Ozon when there is an event on the track number showing the movement of the shipment back to the sender.
  • Cancellation by Ozon on submission of a track number that is not traceable on standard track systems on the 3rd day after request to seller.

Cancellations by customer #

The Cancellation Request tool is designed to let you to process order cancellation requests from customers, delivery services, or independently.

Benefits #

  • No need to ship or deliver canceled orders.
  • You can confirm the cancellation and keep the products, money, or both.
  • Cancellations by customer will not affect your ranking and will not lead to product locking.

Points to remember #

  • Customers can cancel orders in the “Awaiting packaging” status right in their personal accounts.
  • Customers can submit cancellation requests for orders with the “Shipment Pending” status, and delivery services may request cancellation for orders “In Shipment”. You need to respond to the request within 3 days, otherwise the request will be approved automatically, the order will be canceled, and the money will be refunded to the customer.

Mechanism of cancellations by customer #

  1. The customer cancels the order in their account.

  2. You receive an order cancellation request.

  3. You can view all your requests in the Logistics → Cancellation Requests section of your profile.

    You are free to either approve or decline the request. To do this:

    1. Select the request.

    2. Click on Approve Request or Decline Request. When declining a request, leave a comment.

  4. Depending on your decision, the shipment will be:

    • delivered to the customer;
    • canceled and the cash refunded to the customer.