Upload products via API

Use the methods of Seller API to automate your work with products:

Adding products #

Submit product details in your request POST /v2/product/import. You can submit information on up to 100 products at a time. Moderation of a new product typically takes up to three days. If you have complied with all the requirements, your products will appear on the Ozon.ru. You can check your upload status by posting a request POST /v1/product/import/info.

Try to describe your products in a precise and detailed manner in order to avoid controversy and let the customer find the product more easily. You can get all attributes and characteristics via methods from the Ozon attributes and characteristics section.

Main product details #

Box Request Setting Description Example
Article code offer_id Products unique identifier in your database, maximum length is 50 characters. For example, a notebook with a red cover and an exact same notebook with a blue cover are two different products which should have different IDs. DSPSWW_red, DSPSWW_blue
Name name Product name should follow the format: type + brand or manufacturer + series (if applicable) + model + vendors product ID (if applicable) + product features (e.g., color). Smartphone Apple iPhone X 64GB, Silver
Vendor vendor To be uploaded, some products will require certificates attesting your right to sell products of this brand. When uploading one of such products, make sure you add the brand's certificate first.

More on brand certificates and how to upload them

How to add a brand certificate when uploading via API
Product description description Products purpose, its features, advantages—any information that may be helpful for customers. Tramp multipurpose folding table for outdoor picnics and camping. MDF top, aluminum and steel frame. Size: 100 × 60 × 73/80/87/94 cm. Full weight: 3.9 kg. Folded size: 100 × 61 × 3.5 cm.

Video #

How to upload products via API #