Reconciliation Act of Mutual Payments

Reconciliation act of mutual payments is a document in which Ozon collects information about all mutual payments with you for the quarter. This is not a mandatory document, but accounting services often use it to avoid discrepancies in financial accounting.

Reconciliation act has legal force only if both parties have signed it.

View reconciliation act #

At the end of each quarter, Ozon forms a reconciliation act of mutual payments. We’ll send it to you by the 15th of next month. For example, you’ll get the reconciliation act for January–March by April 15.

You can find all reconciliation acts in your personal account in the FinanceDocumentsReconciliation acts section.

We only generate quarterly reconciliation acts. You can’t get a document for a month, six months, or a year.

Content #

We only include information about mutual payments on the part of Ozon in the reconciliation act. You can fill in the right part of the table yourself.

For each operation in the reconciliation act, we specify:

  • the billing date;
  • the name of the document or payment order;
  • debit amount: your debt to Ozon under this document;
  • credit amount: Ozon’s debt to you under this document.

At the beginning and the end of the act you can see Initial balance and Final balance rows. Balance is the difference between the debit and credit amounts, in other words, the outstanding balance.

  • Initial balance = final balance of the previous period.
  • Final balance = initial balance + all financial transactions for the quarter.

Initial and final balance positions in the reconciliation act may change. If the balance is in the Debit column, your income exceeds your expenses, if in the Credit column—vice versa.

Make settlements reconciliation #

Check the act of mutual payments, the amount of debit and credit on them, and compare them with your data. Operations in your and Ozon columns must match and mirror one another: the Ozon debit amounts should be equal to your credit amounts, and vice versa.

Make a payment reconciliation within 15 working days after receiving the act. After that:

  • Accept the reconciliation act if you have no questions or disagreements on the amounts and documents in the act.

  • Reject the reconciliation act if you have questions or disagreements on the amounts. The system will automatically create a support request.

    Specify the discrepancies in it and attach the reconciliation acts from the beginning of your work on Ozon until the end of the last quarter, so we can study them.

If you don’t give an answer on the reconciliation act within 15 working days, Ozon will accept the act automatically.

Balances don’t match #

The balances may not match if:

  • Ozon hasn’t provided you with all the closing documents. Reject the act and request the missing documents.

  • You haven’t taken into account all the closing documents. Find the necessary ones and add them to your reconciliation act. If you can’t find the documents, reject the act and write to support service.

  • Documents in reconciliation acts are taken into account for different periods. If you agree with our accounting, correct the documents, if not, write to support service.

  • You made a reconciliation act for several contracts or personal accounts at once. Make a separate act for each of them.

We’ll make a disagreement protocol if the mistake is ours. We’ll specify which documents aren’t reflected or reflected incorrectly in it and take this into account when forming the next act.