Marketing Requests

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This is the placement of your advertising materials, agreed upon with an Ozon manager. Requests allow you to use marketing tools outside your profile without concluding an additional contract. You pay when the service is provided. The amount will be specified in the act of provided services as part of product promotion services.

The Marketing Requests tab on the advertising campaigns page will become available after the first request is created.

Examples of Services #

  • Commercial packages. Marketplace is a permanent, wide-scale campaign. We bring your buyers through announcements on the website and social media. Package types:
    • Banner or product on the Ozon homepage and on the Marketplace promo page.
    • Banner or product on the pro page only.
  • Services of the photo studio. Our team of experienced stylists and photographers will create content of any purpose for you.
  • Placement options from the media kit: stories on the main page of the app, banner blocks, direct communication via push notifications and mailouts, etc.
  • Ozon Live Streams: product announcement in real time and interactive communication with the buyers in the Ozon app.
  • Video consultations: a tool that will help you answer buyers' questions in a live stream, as well as help them choose products from your inventory.
  • Ozon Alerts: a targeted widget that pops up in the Ozon mobile app. It appears over the body text, overshadowing the main screen.

Create a marketing request #

If you have not yet submitted a marketing request, message us using the “Advertising Campaigns → Marketing Request” subject.

In the message, please indicate the following:

  • the desired service type,
  • starting placement budget,
  • timeframe of the advertising campaign,
  • list of products for promotion.

An Ozon manager will contact you to clarify the details and create your first request.

After that, requests for campaigns can be created in your personal account: in the top menu, go to the MoreAdvertising page. Click on Create a Request. Send the filled in request and wait for the manager’s response within five business days.

Confirm a marketing request #

When you’ve discussed the details, the manager will create your request. It will appear on the Marketing requests tab on the MoreAdvertising page.

If you agree with all the conditions, click on Confirm in the line with the new request:

If you do not confirm the request before the start date, it will automatically change to the “Rejected” status.

Statistics #

To get a report on marketing requests, message the manager.