Before adding a new product, check if there is such a product on the marketplace. You can copy it to your personal account from another seller’s PDP.

In your personal account #

When adding products in your personal account, you can fill in only the main characteristics or make the PDP as detailed as possible.

Learn more about filling in characteristics

Fill in the main characteristics #

Fill in all the characteristics #

Search by category #

To select product category and type:

  • If you already know the category, filter the list.

  • If you need to determine the category, enter the product name in the search bar or paste a link to a similar product on Ozon. You’ll see a hint if there are typos.

The search doesn’t take into account word order, case, spaces, and additional characters.

In the app #

  1. Download Ozon Seller app.
  2. Go to the Products tab.
  3. Click Create.
  4. Select category and type.
  5. Fill in all the characteristics and save the changes.

Learn more about creating a PDP in the app