Ozon Partner Delivery

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Ozon partner delivery is a platform that helps sellers around the world interact with carriers. Ozon acts as an agent and accompanies the shipment at all stages of delivery.

Partner delivery service is currently available in China, Turkey, India and UAE.

More about the specifics of selling products from Turkey starting 11.09.2022

Advantages #

  • One of the best prices on the market for shipping and packaging.
  • Convenient communication: passport data collection, communication with customers and carriers on the Ozon side.
  • Fast delivery: Ozon manages the direct delivery and receives shorter delivery times from carriers.
  • Easy to track: shipment statuses are updated automatically.
  • Convenient document management: you only need to accept the Ozon Offer.

How to enable the service #

  1. In your personal account, go to the Logistics → Warehouses and methods section.

  2. Click New delivery method.

  3. Specify the city where you will transfer products to the carrier.

  4. Select a delivery service. To work with partner delivery, choose:

  • China: GBS Broker, GBS HK, Hecny, Unitrade, Cianiao, Xingyuan Express, ETS Economy Pickup or Leader & GBS;

  • Turkey: PTS & GBS Broker, UMT & Hecny, Logitrans & GBS Broker or Airon & GBS Broker;

  • India: GBS Broker & MyIndia.

  • UAE: GBS Broker UAE.

  1. Select a rate and a delivery method.

  2. Add a method name. Specify:

    • the integration type with an “Aggregator” in it,
    • the address of a suitable drop-off point,
    • the time by which you will collect the orders.
  3. Set up the delivery geography.

  4. Check all the parameters and click Save method.

How to ship an order #

  1. New orders appear in the personal account on the Awaiting packaging tab.

  2. Package the order and click Package order. The order will move to the Awaiting shipment tab. We will register it with the delivery service within 30 minutes. After that, a track number and a label print button will appear.

  3. Print the label for each order.

Use only the top barcode for operations in your warehouses. The lower barcode is needed for product accounting in our internal systems for identification, accounting, and and issuing the product to the customer.

Label example:

  1. Pack the order and take it to the drop-off point.

If you do not deliver the order to the drop-off point on time, it will negatively affect the delivery terms and customers attitude.

Such orders appear on the Disputed tab.

  1. Sign the act at the drop-off point. The carrier will start working on the order. The order status will be updated automatically.

At the next stages, everything is controlled by Ozon, including:

  • statuses,
  • track number,
  • communication with customers and carriers.

If the carrier does not accept the order, it will switch to the “Not accepted on the DC” status. You can open a dispute. After the dispute is resolved, the order will be canceled, or you will be able to re-ship it.

Drop-off points #

Partner rates are listed on the rates page.