Create a Supply Request

Table of Contents
You can create a supply request only in your personal account on Ozon.
  1. Go to FBP → Supply requests and click Create request.

  2. Select the delivery warehouse.

  3. Add products one by one or upload them via XLS template.

    If you can’t add products, delete them and send a request with products without errors.
    You can send products you couldn’t add with the next supply. You can also contact JDL to find out why products weren’t added to the request.

  4. Specify the number of package units. The package unit is 1 pallet or 1 box. For example, if there are 3 pallets and 2 boxes in your supply, specify 5.

  5. Click Create request.

Once you have created the request, sign up for warehouse supply via JDL website, prepare the products, and print and stick the labels from your Ozon personal account.

It takes 10 minutes for supply requests to be registered in the JDL system. If not, there could be errors in your request. Contact Ozon support service to resolve the issue.

Request statuses #

You can view the requests on several tabs:

  • New: JDL hasn’t yet approved the requests.
    • Draft: you haven’t clicked Create a request yet.
    • Awaiting confirmation: you’ve created the request. Awaiting confirmation and receipt of request number from JDL.
  • Transit and acceptance: JDL confirmed the requests.
    • Ready for shipment: JDL is ready to accept the supply.
    • Accepted at the warehouse: supply is accepted at the JDL warehouse, acceptance started.
  • Archive: requests are closed.
    • Completed: JDL accepted and processed the supply. Stocks in your Ozon personal account will be updated.
    • Rejected by warehouse: JDL rejected the supply request.