Step 4. Set Up Delivery and Start Selling

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  1. Create and set up a warehouse. In your personal account, go to Logistics → Warehouses and Methods or FBS → Warehouses and Methods and click Add Warehouse. Specify the availability of products, work schedule, and packaging time.

    Learn more about setting up warehouses

  2. Set up the delivery method. Specify who will deliver products: Ozon partners, integrated delivery services, you, or a third-party service and fill in the details.

    Learn more about setting up delivery methods

    Sellers from some countries can use Ozon partner delivery. In this case, we undertake the conclusion of the contract with the delivery service, quality control of services, and selection of favorable rates.

    In all other cases, sellers from abroad can use integrated and non-integrated delivery services. The seller enters into a contract with them on their own.

    Learn more about delivery services that work with your country

    What are integrated and non-integrated services

    Integrated delivery services are services with which Ozon cooperates. We have information about the delivery geography and pick-up points. There is an information exchange with integrated services on the delivery statuses and timing. You can select geography in your personal account when setting up the delivery method.

    Non-integrated delivery services are services selected by the seller, but about which Ozon has no information. The seller sets delivery time by themselves. If you choose non-integrated services, orders can be delivered by courier only.

  3. Specify which products are in stock and in what quantity. You can add them manually in your personal account, upload an XLS file, or pass data via the API.

    Learn more about stock management

  4. Pack a shipment and send it for delivery.

    Learn more about order management

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