Big Ozon Sales

Ozon regularly holds promotions you can use to promote your products. During big Ozon sales, we launch thematic campaigns and advertise your products that participate in promotions.

All products that are in stock on April 26, 2024 and have had sales in the last 30 days are automatically added to the “Will be added from 15.05.2024” tab of the “Hits”, “SuperHits” and “MegaHits” promotions. If you don’t remove products from promotions, they’ll be going on sale at a promotional price starting May 15. If the products:

  • are participating in other sales and promotions: the price you’ve set on the promotions page is effective up to and including May 14.
  • aren’t participating in other sales and promotions: the discount won’t be effective until May 15.

Current and future sales #

“Summer” from May 15 to May 28 #

This is a sale during which we’ll offer discounts on different product categories, from accessories to garden furniture. The advertising campaign for the sale will begin on May 1: we’ll invest 1 billion rubles in advertising on TV, billboards, radio, and on the Internet. From May 1 to May 14, 2024 inclusive, products that participated in promotions during the “Sweet Home” sale are added to the Discounts of the Week promotion.

“Sweet Home” from April 17 to April 30 #

All-category sale focusing on products for household, gardening, construction and repair.

Promotion types #

  • “MegaHits”: participating products have the biggest discount and the highest position in search results.
  • “SUPERhits”: participating products have an average discount. They are shown higher in search results than products from the “Hits” promotion.
  • “Hits”: participating products have the lowest discount. They are shown higher in search results than products that don’t participate in promotions.

In the Promotion → Promotions section you can view a list of current Ozon promotions that your products participate in.

Differences between promotions #

What we offer “MegaHits” “SUPERhits” “Hits”
Access to all products participating in the sale from the main pages of website or mobile app by clicking the banner Yes Yes Yes
Access to the products from the sale page Yes Yes Yes
Sales filter in the search results Yes Yes Yes
Stocks counter on the PDP Make sure to update the stocks You can update the stocks manually. They’ll be updated automatically if the product has been sold for the last 30 days There’s no need to update the stocks, but we recommend doing it
Position in search and categories Maximum for the entire sale period Below “MegaHits” products Above products outside the sale

Discount amount #

The discount amount depends on the product category, promotion mechanics, and prices for similar products on other marketplaces. We calculate the discount based on the median product price in the last 30 days.

For example, if the median price of a product is 900 rubles, we’ll ask you to offer a discount on this price.

To participate in promotions, set a minimum discount of:

  • 5% for products with a regular price up to 10,000 rubles,
  • 500 rubles for products more expensive than 10,000 rubles.

Product price shouldn’t be higher than the competitors' on other marketplaces. Ozon discounts and seller coupons aren’t taken into account.

If the price doesn’t meet these conditions, the product will be highlighted in red. We’ll ask you to change its price, otherwise Ozon may exclude your products from promotions.

“Sweet Home” sale discounts #

Category “MegaHits” “SUPERhits” “Hits”
Accessories from 24% from 18% from 12%
Adult Products from 20% from 16% from 10%
Antiques & Collectibles from 18% from 12% from 6%
Beauty & Health from 18% from 13% from 8%
Books from 13% from 10% from 5%
Car Products from 9% from 7% from 5%
Children’s Products from 12% from 10% from 7%
Clothing from 21% from 14% from 8%
Construction & Repair from 14% from 10% from 5%
Electronics from 11% from 8% from 5%
Food from 17% from 12% from 7%
Furniture from 15% from 10% from 5%
Games & Consoles from 14% from 9% from 5%
Hobbies & Crafts from 17% from 11% from 5%
House & Garden from 15% from 10% from 5%
Home Appliances from 12% from 9% from 5%
Household Chemicals & Hygiene from 18% from 13% from 8%
Music & Video from 12% from 9% from 6%
Pet Products from 18% from 13% from 8%
Pharmacy from 15% from 8% from 5%
Shoes from 19% from 16% from 12%
Sports & Recreation from 11% from 9% from 6%
Stationery from 18% from 13% from 7%
Tourism, Fishing, Hunting from 12% from 8% from 5%

Products that can participate in promotions #

You can participate in promotions with any products except for alcohol, electronic cigarettes, and smoking supplies.

Products prohibited for sale

To participate in the promotions, your products must meet at least two of the following requirements:

  • less than 10% of complaints about the product;
  • less than 10% of refunds, unpurchased products, and unclaimed orders;
  • the average product rating not less than 3.

If you add into promotion the products that are uploaded less than 60 days ago, we don’t take into account complaints about them, their reviews, and average rating.

Add products to promotions #

Promotional discounts don’t sum up. If the product participates in two different promotions, it’s sold at the price of the promotion with a higher discount. The lower discount applies when the products from the promotion with a higher discount are sold out.

You can add or remove products from promotions and change the discount amount at any time until the promotion ends.

Boosting promotional products #

In the app and on the Ozon website, we’ll:

  • Create a separate page for each sale.
  • Put a sticker on the PDP about participation in the sale and a promotional price.
  • Show the stocks counter on the PDPs on promotion days.
  • Add a filter by promotional products to the website search.
  • Raise the products in search results and catalog.
  • Launch TV commercials and ads on radio and on social media, place outdoor advertising in large cities, and send notifications to customers.

You can boost the promotion of your products using special tools. For example, raise products above other participants of the promotion: in the Promotion → Promotions section click Boost your promotions.

Products that don’t participate in the promotions will drop in search results and catalog. It’ll be more difficult for customers to find them.

Track the participation effect #

You can track the participation effect in your personal account in the Analytics section:

  • by promotions: their schedule is compatible with the sales schedule, so that it’s more convenient to track the participation effect;
  • by the sales schedule: it most clearly shows how sales are growing at the moment.


If the products have recently participated in other promotions, how to calculate the minimum discount for this one? #

Ozon calculates the discount based on the median product price for the last 30 days. Seller coupons aren’t taken into account.

Why is the discount in my personal account so big? #

In your personal account, we show the discount that the customer sees. It may differ from the actual discount.

Your product costs 1,000 rubles. You always sell it at a custom 10% discount, for 900 rubles. This is the regular product price, based on which Ozon will calculate a sale discount.

During the sale, you reduce the cost of the product to 765 rubles: that’s 15% off the regular price (900 rubles) and 23.5% off the original price (1,000 rubles).

The customer sees the final discount from the original price: 23.5%. It’s also displayed in your personal account.

How do I find out the actual discount amount for a product? #

Divide the promotional product price by the regular one, subtract the resulting fraction by one, and multiply the result by 100. The resulting number is the actual product discount as a percentage.