Winter Sale

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From January 9 to January 31, Ozon will run a multi-category sale. We’ll support it with TV commercials, outdoor advertising, and banners on the Internet.

You’ll get access to several types of promotions:

  • For clothes, shoes, and accessories:

    • “Hot Sale”—with a discount of 19% on one of the promotion days and maximum boosting;
    • “Super Hits”—with a discount of 16% on all promotion days, and boosting that will give your products an advantage over the items from “Hits” and items not participating in promotions;
    • “Hits”—with a discount of 11% on all promotion days, and boosting that will give your products an advantage over the items not participating in promotions.
  • For products from other categories:

    • “Super Hits”—with a discount of 7% on all days of the promotion, and boosting that is only inferior to boosting of clothes and shoes from the “Hot Sale”;
    • “Hits”—with a discount of 5% on all days of the promotion, and boosting that will give your products an advantage over the items not participating in the promotion.

You can choose one promotion or distribute products to several of them.

Learn more about discounts for each subcategory
Learn more about difference between promotions

The minimum discount level depends on the product category. The system will determine it when adding products to the promotion.

Which products can participate in promotions #

You can participate in the promotion with any offers, except for smoking products and prohibited products.

To participate in the promotion, your products must meet at least two of the following requirements:

  • less than 10% of complaints about the product;
  • less than 10% of returns, non-purchased products, and unclaimed orders;
  • the average product rating is ⩾ 3.

How promotions differ #

“Hot Sale” is a promotion in which we’ll offer each product to customers only on one of the days from January 24 to January 31. System will divide the participating products by day and update the selection daily. If you want your product to be in the promotion all days, add it both to the “Hot Sale” promotion and in any other mechanics. For one day, the system will automatically switch the discount and increase product priority.

Conditions "Hot Sale" "SUPERhits" "Hits"
Access to the PDP from the selection on the main pages of website or mobile app
Access to all products participating in the sale from the main pages of website or mobile app by clicking the banner
Access to products on the promotion page
Promotional filter in search
Stocks counter on the PDP Make sure to update stocks You can update stocks manually.

They will be updated automatically if the product has been sold for the last 30 days
You don't have to update stocks
Search and category position At the top of the page After the "Hot Sale" products Above products outside the promotion

How to add products to promotions #

Go to promotions list, select one of three “Big Winter Sale” promotions, and add your products from the suggested list to it. Discounts are not cumulative: if you add a product to both “SUPERhits” and “Hits”, the product will be sold at the “SUPERhits” price until the stock runs out. After that it will start selling at the “Hits” price.

You can add or remove products:

  • in the “Hot Sale” and “SUPERhits” promotions—until January 19, 2023, 23:59 Moscow time. After these dates you won’t be able to add or delete products in promotions, but you’ll be able to reduce prices and increase stocks. This is necessary, so that by the beginning of sales there was no problems with the promotional products and we had time to announce the discounts on the site in advance.
  • in “Hits”—at any time from January 9 to January 31, 2023.

For recently uploaded products, Ozon won’t take into account reviews, complaints, and average ratings.

What discount to give on products #

The discount amount depends on the product category and the promotion mechanics. Ozon calculates the discount amount from the product price for the last 30 days excluding discounts on “Hot Sale” and “SUPERhits” of the New Year’s sale, “Black Friday”, and “11.11”. For example, if the median product price is 900 rubles, we’ll ask you to give a discount from this price.

After January 19, we’ll check the discounts in the “Big Clothing Sale”. The discount should be:

  • from 5% for products with a regular price up to 10,000 rubles;

  • from 500 rubles for products over 10,000 rubles.

If a product price fails to pass this rule, it will be highlighted in red in each promotion. To keep products in the promotion, reduce their prices as soon as possible.

The discount that customers will see is displayed in your personal account. It may differ from the actual discount.

For example, you have a sweater that costs 1000 rubles. You always sell it at a 10% discount, which you set yourself. Customers can buy it for 900 rubles. 900 rubles is the regular product price from which we’ll calculate a discount for the sale. You reduce the sweater cost to 765 rubles: this is a 15% discount from the regular price (900 rubles) and 23.5% from the original price (1000 rubles). Customers will see the final discount from the original price, which is 23.5%. It will also be displayed in your personal account, although in fact you reduce the price by 15%.

To determine the actual discount amount as a percentage, you can divide the promotional product price by the regular one. Subtract the resulting fraction from one and multiply it by 100.

How Ozon will promote products #

In the app and on the Ozon website, we’ll:

  • Create a separate sales page, where we’ll announce the “Big Clothing Sale” and offer to buy discounted products;

  • Highlight the positions in search results and catalog. On the PDPs you’ll see the promotional price and a label indicating participation in sales.

  • Show the stocks counter on PDPs at promotional dates.

  • Add a filter for promotional products to the site search.

  • Raise the products in the search results and catalog for the promotional period. If you participate in the fast delivery program, your products will be raised even higher.

Besides, we’ll launch TV commercials and place outdoor advertising in large cities.

You can boost promotion by yourself using advertising tools. For example, use the Boost promotions button: your products will rise above the products of other promotion participants.

Products that don’t participate in the promotions will go down in the search results and catalog. It will be harder for customers to find them.