Analytics Tools

How to use charts #

In the Analytics section of the seller’s personal account, you can view statistics on all work areas on Ozon. This data will help to understand:

  • which products and in which regions are sold best;
  • what is the portrait of your customer;
  • what kind of promotions will allow you to promote products more actively than competitors;
  • what to do to increase sales.

There are three types of analytics in the section: Seller analytics, Marketplace analytics, and What to sell on Ozon.

Seller analytics #

In this section, you can work with several tools:

  • Graphs. They show work efficiency on Ozon: how many products were ordered, how often they are added to cart, how many orders were returned.
  • Clusters. Here you can track product movements between clusters and analyze the pipeline costs. Based on this data, you can decide to supply products to different clusters and reduce costs.
  • Promotions. The tool shows how successful promotions are and how they affect the number of orders, product clicks, and seller earnings.
  • Product in search. The tool will help you analyze your products' displays in Ozon search results for different queries, devices, and cities.
  • Reports. Their content depends on the report type.
    Report type Content
    Products Data about the seller’s products: their Ozon IDs, statuses, quantity in the Ozon warehouse, and prices.
    Sales from Ozon warehouse (only for FBO model) This category includes the following reports:

    Product turnover sheet: distribution of your products to warehouses and their movements.

    Products marked-down by Ozon: data on products in the Ozon warehouse that were slightly damaged and sold at a markdown.

    Product turnover: summary data on the turnover of all categories for the last 15 days.

    Purchased products: what percentage of the products ordered customers purchase.
    Returns Data on returned products under FBS and realFBS schemes.
    Charges Data on charges and commissions for delivered and canceled orders, as well as returns.
    Quality control This category contains the following reports:

    Cancellation percentage: data on how many orders were canceled by customers.

    Overdue shipment: data on orders that you transferred to delivery after deadline.

    Percentage of orders completed on time: data on the on-time shipment deliveries to customers.

    Overdue delivery: data on undelivered shipments under realFBS scheme by “You or a third-party service” method.

Marketplace analytics #

In this section, you can work with the following tools:

  • Trends is a tool that shows which products and categories customers are more likely to search for and order on Ozon.
  • Competitive position: your sales position relative to other sellers in a particular category.
  • Customer portrait: analytics for your clients and the ability to segment your audience in the builder.

What to sell on Ozon #

The section includes:

  • Popular products: a list of items that have been sold most successfully on Ozon over the past 28 days.
  • Search queries: statistics on the most popular queries that customers use on Ozon.
  • Lacking products: products that are successfully sold on the Russian market, but aren’t yet available on Ozon.
  • Sold: products from your assortment that customers subscribed to.