Partial Compensations

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Partial compensation is a tool that you can use to process refunds on the RFBS scheme. Now, instead of paying off the full amount, you can offer the customer to get some of their money back and keep the product.

This way customers will be less likely to return orders due to minor defects, and you’ll save on shipping costs.

How partial compensations work #

  1. A customer makes a request and indicates the reason for the return.

  2. The request is displayed in your personal account: Logistics → rFBS returns → New or FBS → rFBS returns → New.

  3. To offer the customer a partial compensation:

    1. Select the request from the list.
    2. Click Offer compensation.
    3. Specify the amount that you are ready to refund.
The amount of compensation must be at least one ruble less than the cost of the product, but can not be less than one ruble. For example, at a price of 1,600 rubles, compensation from 1 to 1,599 rubles is possible.
  1. The customer will be notified of your terms by the system and will have three days to make a decision.

If the customer accepts your offer, we will transfer the specified amount to them. The status of the request will change to Partial compensation has been made and we will reflect the accrual in your cash flow report.

If the customer rejects the offer or won’t make a decision on time, we will notify you via email. In this case, within three days you will need to decide how to proceed with the refund request. After that period, a refund will be automatically approved for orders under 1500 rubles. If the order has a bigger worth, the products from it will be sent to you for the inspection.

Possible solutions: #

  • Offer a partial compensation once again—for example, offering a larger compensation amount.

  • Refund the entire cost and let the customer keep the product.

  • Receive the product for inspection and make a decision on a refund after that. This option is available for orders over 1500 rubles.

  • Reject the request. In this case the customer can open a dispute.

Before making a decision, we recommend that you contact the customer to clarify whether they rejected the offer of compensation or simply overlooked it. To do so you can use their mobile number, or the Write to the customer button. Both these options are available in the refund request.

If the customer made a return due to “The product broke while in use”, you will not be able to offer partial compensation. The following solutions will be available:

  • get the product for checking,
  • refund money without receiving the product,
  • reject the request.

Returning products after a partial compensation is paid #

If the terms and conditions of the return are met, the customer will be able to reapply for a refund after receiving a partial compensation. In this case you won’t be able to offer them a partial compensation once again. If you approve the refund, the remaining cost will be transferred to the customer with the deduction of the compensation.