Requirements for Advertising Materials

Table of Contents
Ozon may reject a banner without giving a reason.

Glossary #

  1. Banner advertisement: an image advertising a product, brand, company, collection, or promo.
  2. Advertised object: a product, brand, company, selection, or promo.
  3. Advertisement consumers: the audience to be influenced by the banner advertisement.
  4. Impression conditions: the conditions under which the banner advertisement is shown.
  5. Landing page: the page to which the banner advertisement leads. The advertiser specifies it in the advertising profile when setting up a banner.

Content requirements #

  1. The banner and the landing page must comply with the requirements of the current legislation of the Russian Federation:

    • The information on the banner and landing page must be accurate and not misleading for the customer.
    • The banner must not contain adult content. There may be adult content on the landing page if the banner has an 18+ tag.
    • You must not provide advertising materials to promote products advertising of which is prohibited by the legislation of the Russian Federation.
  2. Advertising of certain product categories is allowed subject to individual conditions:

    • products for adults,
    • nutritional supplements,
    • baby foods.
  3. The advertised product must be clear from the content of the banner.

    Not acceptable Acceptable
  4. Banner text must be written entirely in Russian. The cost must be indicated in rubles and, if necessary, additionally in foreign currency.

  5. Banner text must be legible and use correct grammar. No typos or abbreviations. The exceptions are certain generally accepted abbreviations and the ruble sign (₽).

  6. Banner text and the landing page should not contain superlative adjectives such as "best", "most convenient", unless this is confirmed by relevant research conducted by third parties.

  7. All images, text and the title must fit within the protected area. Disclaimers and warnings also can not span beyond the protected area.

  8. The image should be of high quality, clear and distortion-free.

  9. The banner should not contain contact information: phone numbers, email addresses or links to websites other than Ozon and Ozon.Travel.

  10. The banner should not be misleading and contain false information about products, brands, prices, or discounts.

  11. The banner should not contain elements of the graphical user interface that may mislead the customer. For example, you can not:

    • copy the interface of another application, system notification, or warning. It should be clear to the customer which application the banner relates to;
    • use interface elements that do not correspond to the website page or the application such as buttons for video playback and closing a window;
    • place buttons. Links can be placed.
Not allowed Allowed
Button on the banner: Link on the banner:
  1. Using transparent background is prohibited. If the background is white, the banner must have a solid contrasting border.
  1. It is forbidden to use links with utm tags, such as utm_source=adv_system&utm_medium=banner&utm_campaign=12345. However, you can use other parameters, such as adv_campaign=12345.
  2. The link should not automatically redirect the user to another address. The exception is changing the protocol from HTTP to HTTPS.

Requirements for the landing page #

  1. The landing page must match the banner.
  2. The landing page should lead to any working page.
  3. The landing page must contain the participation conditions, if the promo has complex mechanics. For example, if you need to activate a promo code or buy three products from the promotion page to get a discount.
  4. The landing page should not contain pop-ups, survey forms or other elements that may block the page's content.

Requirements for impression conditions #

Impression conditions must match the content of the banner and the landing page. For a banner, you can only select categories that are directly related to the advertised product or to a category bordering the advertised product.

Specifications #

Banners #

Location Platform Actual size Protected area Link to the placement page Banner example
Home page Website 2832 × 600 pixels 2100 × 570 pixels
Home page Website mobile version or app 1080 × 450 pixels 1020 × 405 pixels
“Order placed” page Website 770 × 980 pixels 730 × 930 pixels
“Order placed” page Website mobile version or app 1152 × 741 pixels 1100 × 700 pixels