Instructions for Creating a Banner

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To make it easier for you to create a banner that will meet the requirements, we developed a template for Figma.

How it works #

  1. Open the template in Figma.
  2. Select the necessary banner type, replace the images and text with your own.
  3. Save the result.

Why Figma #

Figma is a free, easy-to-use graphical editor. Using our template for this program, you can make banners by yourself without involving a designer.

Getting started with the template #

  1. Sign up in Figma:
    1. Go to and click on Sign up.
    2. Sign up using your Google account, or enter your email address and password.
  2. Add the template to your drafts in Figma. To do this:
    1. Download the template.

    2. Open Figma and click in the upper right corner.

    3. Select the template file and click on Open.

Working with the template #

Using the template, you can create banners to be placed:

The template also features:

You can use these elements to create your own banners.

To create a banner using the template:

  1. Select the required banner type in the template, depending on the location and platform for placement. For example, at the product description page, and on the website.

  2. Edit the contents by changing the background, text and graphics. Meanwhile:

    • Pay attention to recommendations for the banner contents, displayed to the right.
    • Don’t place text, buttons, discount values, or any other important elements beyond the protected area boundaries.

    You can use elements from the template or add your own.

  3. Delete or hide the protected area box.

  4. Save the banner. To do this:

    1. Make sure that the banner you wish to save is highlighted.

    2. Find the Export button on the panel to the right and click to the right of it.

    3. Select the necessary format and click on the Export button. The banner file will be downloaded to your computer.

  5. Check that the banner meets the requirements and is of a suitable size.

  6. If the banner is of a wrong size, compress it using any file compression website, for example,

Learn more about the requirements for advertising materials