Sales Fees

Sales fees by Product Category #

Fees differ depending on the seller’s country.

The income of sellers operating under the rFBS scheme is equal to the selling price minus fee. The fee is charged on the final selling price of the product.

How we calculate the fee on discounts for which we accrue points #

Starting October 1, 2023, we’ll be using a new method to settle with you on the discount that customers see: we’ll start accruing to you the difference in points. This won’t affect your earnings. The only thing that changes is the settlement scheme.

Learn more about points for discounts

We can set up discounts on certain products ourselves on your behalf when you need to boost their sales. If customers buy your product at a discount, we’ll reimburse you the difference between your price and the sale price in points. 1 point = 1 unit of the contract currency.

We’ll use points towards your payments of the fee. Points can cover up to 99% of the fee. Points can only be used in the same billing period in which they were accrued. You can’t transfer them to another period.