Secret shopper

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Secret shopper is a regular program for quality control of order pick-up points. By becoming a secret shopper, you help Ozon to improve customer service and monitor the status of pick-up points. You get 90 points for each submitted secret shopper form. The program is available for customers who have ordered products at Ozon more than 5 times. You can become a secret shopper once a month.

How to become a secret shopper #

When placing an order to the pick-up point #

  1. Place an order with delivery to a pick-up point.
  2. Once you’ve paid for your order, go to the Orders page and accept the invitation to become a secret shopper.
  1. Read the rules and photo requirements.

Once the order is received #

  1. Click on the push notification with an offer to rate the delivery.
  1. Fill in the first part of the form by answering questions about the service at the pick-up point.
  2. Upload 5 photos of the pick-up point’s key areas.

  1. Click Send. If the form is filled in correctly, you will receive 90 points within a week.
You can fill in the form within 4 days after collecting the order.

We may limit the number of applications we receive if there is too many people wishing to participate. If you have not received an invitation, it means that there are enough forms submitted for this pick-up point. In this case, you can rate the delivery. You can see such a review example.

The secret shopper form differs from the delivery review form. Leaving feedback about delivery is not a promotional activity and is not rewarded with 90 points.

Photo requirements #

Fitting rooms #

The fitting room and its contents are fully visible. It is important for us to see:

  • a mirror;
  • a padded stool;
  • the hangers;
  • a carpet;
  • a curtain.

If the curtain is closed, open it.


Product check area #

The table and socket are fully visible. Example:

Order pick-up area #

The pick-up counter, the wall, and the door to the warehouse are fully visible. Example:

Overview photo of the floor #

The photo should give a wide view of the floor. Example:

Entrance to the pick-up point #

The photo should give a broad overview of the way to the pick-up point. If the pick-up point is located on the street, then you should take a photo of the facade from a distance of 2-3 meters. Take fully visible photos of:

  • the signboard,
  • the door,
  • the stairs and ramps, if available.


If the pick-up point is located indoors, the photo should have a wide view. The sign and the door are fully visible.


Frequently asked questions #

What should I do if I received an invitation, but I couldn’t send the form from the pick-up point? #

If you couldn’t fill in the form at the pick-up point, you can send it later in your personal account. The main thing is to manage to take all the necessary photos. To fill in the form, go to the orders page and click Rate delivery for the desired order.

In which case can you reject my report and not award points? #

  • The photos are fuzzy, and it is difficult for us to understand the condition of the pick-up point.
  • You’ve sent not all the required photos.