Questions and answers about the products

Table of Content

How to ask a question #

  1. Go to the Questions and answers section on the desired product’s page.
  2. Check if there is the same question from another user.
  3. Send your question. If you want to hide your name, select the Leave a question anonymously option.

After publication #

The question will be published after passing moderation and sent to users who bought the product. You will receive a notification about new answers.

  • Delete a question if no one has answered it yet. To do this, select Delete the question.
  • Make the question anonymous if there are already answers to it. To do this, select Make the question anonymous.
  • Choose the best answer. Click Choose the best answer–it will be pinned under the question and highlighted with a mark . After that, you will not receive notifications about new answers.

How to answer the question #

Only official representatives and users who have purchased the product can answer the questions.

You will receive a notification when there are new questions about the previously purchased product. On the purchased product’s page, a Reply button is available under each question. Click it and write your answer.

Which content will not pass moderation #

The moderator will reject the question or answer that:
  • does not relate to the product;
  • is not informative, contains only emotional or rhetorical statements;
  • contains obscene language or insults to other users;
  • contains a large number of lexical, spelling and other errors or typed in Latin;
  • contains promotional materials.

Use the Questions and answers section when you need to know the detailed characteristics, compatibility, product usage details. In other cases, use the corresponding sources to provide or receive information:

Reviews If you want to share your impression of the purchase.
Learn about receipt If the product is out of stock, subscribe to notifications on the product page.
Report inaccuracies in the description If you found an error in the product description, click Report inaccuracies in the description. The remark will get to the content department, and the inaccuracy will be corrected.
Chat with support If you have a question about the Ozon service: delivery time, order location, return, or promotion rules.

Set up notifications about questions and answers #

Go to your Personal Account → Notification settings to select how often you want to receive notifications:

  • about other users' questions about the products you bought;
  • about the answers to your questions.

If you have chosen the best answer, the question is considered solved. Notifications of new answers to it will not come.