Additional services at the hotel

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You can view all the additional services provided by a hotel on its page in the search results. The information is provided by the hotel itself, so we can’t guarantee its relevance. Some of the services may be chargeable or available only on request.

Services commonly requested by our clients:

  • early or late check-in;
  • another type of breakfast or food;
  • extra bed or baby cot in the room;
  • accommodation with pets;
  • medical procedures–as a rule, after consultation with a specialist from the hotel and in accordance with the medical indications of the guest.

If you need information about any service, write to the Ozon Travel support chat. We will contact the hotel and answer you. If the service is chargeable, we will issue an invoice in your Ozon Travel personal account, and you can pay for it. If you need to pay for the service at the hotel, we will indicate this in the response.

You can view the issued services in the electronic voucher.

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