Why was my order canceled?

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Ozon may cancel the order completely for various reasons. For example, if:

  • there were problems when processing the order;
  • we couldn’t deliver the order;
  • the pick-up point was temporarily closed;
  • you didn’t pay for the order;
  • the products from the order ran out of stock before order placement.

To find out why your order was canceled, click Why was my order canceled? on its page.

If you paid for the order by card, Ozon will send you money immediately. Usually it is credited to the card within 2-3 days, a maximum of 10 days. The accrual term depends on the bank and the payment system.

Learn more about money and points refund

You can repeat the order with the products that are in stock. To do this, click Repeat the order on the order card. Do not forget to pay for the order within 40 minutes after checkout, otherwise it will be canceled.

Order was canceled partially #

Sometimes Ozon may cancel part of the order. For example, if the product is out of stock or if the package with the product was damaged on the way. This will not affect the delivery for the rest of the order. You can track its status in your personal account.

If you don’t need the remaining products, you can cancel the order.

Learn more about order cancellation

To be notified when the product is in stock, click Learn about arrival on its page.

You can also place an order with a similar product:

  1. On the missing product page, click Similar products.
  2. Select a similar product and add it to the cart.
  3. Place an order.