How to book a ticket without the up-to-date details

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Can I place an order without the up-to-date passport details? #

The most important information on the ticket is the passenger’s name and last name. If you are buying an international flight ticket, and at the time of booking you do not have a document on which the flight will be made, there is a risk that in the new passport the last name and name will not be indicated as you wrote them when placing an order. The passenger’s name and last name in the issued ticket are most often not subject to change. The best we can do is to make a “note” (remark) on the booking that the details writing has changed, but unfortunately we can’t guarantee that this will be enough for the airline.

We recommend that you carefully weigh the pros and cons before deciding to buy tickets according to your old passport details.

If you have not yet applied to the passport office for a new passport, you can file a request to keep a certain spelling of name and last name in the new passport when submitting the documents.

If you are sure that the spelling of your name and last name in the new passport will not change, or that the airline will ignore minor changes, then you can place an order for the old passport. As soon as you receive a new passport, send us its number and expiration date, and we will make changes to the booking. Please note that these changes are almost always subject to a fee.

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