Safety measures and protection against frauds

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The information on this page is relevant only for users from Russia.

If someone finds out your code word #

Using a code word, an intruder can contact Ozon Account support on your behalf and get personal information about your Ozon Account: transfer and transaction history, balance, and general information. But they won’t be able to make a payment or transfer your money: the support service does not confirm such operations.

If someone has found out your code word, change it as soon as possible.

If someone finds out your password #

If the intruder only knows your password and has no other details, they won’t be able to access your Ozon Account. But if they have access to a computer or mobile device from which you are authorized in your personal Ozon account, the money in the Ozon Account may be in danger. In such a situation, we recommend you to temporarily block the Ozon Account as soon as possible.

To do this, contact us in one of the following ways:

If someone has found out your password, change it as soon as possible.

If you received a suspicious email on behalf of Ozon #

Check the sender’s email address. Usually frauds use public email services or substitute real ones. The domain is what comes after the @ in the address. For example, in the address, “” is the domain.

You can trust senders with domains “” and “”. For example, and are the real Ozon addresses. If the domain is different, these are frauds.

Here are the only links you can follow from emails:

If someone calls you and introduces themselves as an Ozon employee #

Ozon Account employees never ask for transaction confirmation codes from SMS or push notifications, password, login, email address, or other personal information. Do not download or install additional programs and apps.

Ozon Account employees call customers in exceptional cases, for example, if a call from you has been interrupted. If you are not sure that you are talking to an Ozon Account employee, hang up and contact us yourself in one of the following ways:

If you call Ozon Account support, give the specialist a code word to confirm your identity.

You can open an Ozon Account on the Ozon Account website or via the Ozon mobile app.