Payment methods

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Some payment methods may not be available for the selected region or delivery method.

When buying on Ozon, you can choose any of the available payment methods or combine them.

Pay for orders with a bank card, Ozon Card, or YooMoney. If you have an Ozon Gift Certificate, activate it. If you place an order on the website, you can choose to pay with the Faster Payment System. If your Balance of funds has available funds, you can pay with it.

Open an Ozon Account to receive increased cashback with Premium points for purchases on Ozon.

From 01.01.2022 for customers in Kazakhstan, the cost of products is displayed with a surcharge of 12% due to the entry into force of the “Digital Tax” in Kazakhstan.

Bank card #

To pay for your order by bank card:

  1. When placing an order, in the Payment method section select a saved card or click By new card online.
  1. Click Pay online.
  2. If you pay by a new card, enter the card details.
  3. Click Pay. The minimum payment amount is 1 ruble.

We accept bank cards with 16, 18, 19 digits in the number for payment:

  • VISA, MasterCard, MIR, China UnionPay, JCB, and American Express;
  • VISA Electron/Plus, Cirrus/Maestro, if they have a CVC2 and CVV2 code;
  • Halva, Sovest;
  • Ozon Card.

Once you have paid for the order, you’ll receive an electronic receipt on your email. All electronic receipts are stored in your personal account in the section Electronic receipts.

How to unlink a bank card

You can unlink a bank card in your personal account.

If you have an active Ozon Premium subscription, you won’t be able to unlink the card.

If you have an active Ozon Premium subscription, first deactivate the subscription and then unlink the card. After that you can subscribe again to another linked card.

Ozon Account #

Ozon Account is a product of Ozon Bank, with which you can pay for purchases on Ozon and receive cashback with Premium points from 1 to 30%. There is no subscription fee or commission for using the Ozon Account. If you cancel the purchase or return the product, the money will be immediately returned to your Ozon Account.

To pay for an order with an Ozon Account, when placing an order:

  1. In the Payment methods section select Ozon Account. You will see how many Premium points you will receive for the purchase.
  1. Click Pay online.
  2. Enter a four-digit password from the Ozon Account.

Learn more about Premium points

YooMoney #

When placing an order, select YooMoney and click Go to online payment. If necessary, log in and enter the payment details. The maximum payment amount for identified users is 100,000 rubles, for anonymous users–15,000 rubles.

Learn more about wallet statuses

Once you have paid for the order, you’ll receive an electronic receipt on your email. All electronic receipts are stored in your personal account in the Electronic receipts section.

Faster Payment System #

The Faster Payment System is not available to all users.

The Faster Payment System is a payment method in which payment for an order is made in the app of an Internet bank connected to the Faster Payment System.

These banks are listed on the Faster Payment System website on the tab Pay.

To make a payment:

  1. On the checkout screen, select Faster Payment System and click Pay online.
  2. Open the bank’s mobile app.
  3. Go to the Payments section and select Pay by QR code.
  4. Scan the QR code and confirm the payment.
  5. The order will be formed within a minute after payment.

Gift certificate #

On Ozon, you can give and receive certificates for a certain amount, and then pay for purchases with them.

To purchase a gift certificate, select the denomination and place an order. Within 30 minutes after payment, you will receive an email with a code. The gift certificate can be activated within a year from the date of its receipt. After the certificate is activated, the money will appear on your balance of funds and will be available for use for three years.

You can activate a maximum of three gift certificates per day. The gift certificate can not be returned.

If you are having trouble activating your certificate, contact us. In the message, specify the serial number of the certificate.

Balance of funds #

Balance of funds is an internal Ozon account, where money is deposited once you activate an Ozon gift certificate or when the money is refunded if the order has been canceled or returned. You can find the Balance of funds section in your personal account and in My Ozon section, if you enter from the mobile app.

In the Balance of funds section you can also view all the transactions you’ve made on Ozon.

You can not use it for purchasing certificates and paying off monthly installment payments.

How to fully or partially pay for a purchase from the balance of funds #

  1. Go to the shopping cart and click Go to the order placing.
  2. When you choose the payment method, check Use money from my balance of funds in the checkbox.
  3. Click Pay online and confirm the payment.

How to withdraw money from the balance of funds #

  1. In the Balance of funds section click Withdraw money from the Balance of funds.
  2. Specify:
    • amount,
    • recipient’s full name,
    • recipient’s bank account number,
    • BIC of the recipient’s bank.
  3. Click Withdraw money from the balance of funds.

The money will be credited to your card within 2-3 working days.

You can’t withdraw the money credited after activation of the Ozon gift certificate.

Premium points and Ozon points #

On Ozon, you can receive cashback points and pay for purchases with them at the rate of 1 point = 1 ruble.

To partially or fully pay for the product with:

  • Ozon points, select Use for payment in the Payment section when placing an order.

  • Premium points, select Ozon Card or Ozon Account in the Payment section and specify that bonus points will be used.

Combinations of payment methods #

You can pay for the order in several ways at the same time. For example, a bank card and Ozon or Premium points.

Learn more about using points

You can also partially pay for the order from the balance of funds and a bank card. To withdraw money from the balance, when placing an order in the section Payment select Partial payment from the Balance of funds.

Learn more about balance of funds

There is no required payment method #

When placing an order, you will see the available payment methods for your order. The payment method may not be available for your region or delivery method.

If you have any questions, contact us.