What goes into the cost of an airplane ticket

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Air ticket price #

The total cost of the ticket consists of:

  • fare;
  • taxes: airport, fuel, and other;
  • the airline’s or its agent’s service fee.

The transportation fare and ticket price depend on the selected airline, route, and booking class.

There are three main booking classes:

  • the first class–the most expensive;
  • business;
  • economy.

Every airline has a variety of fares in any direction. Fares for first and business class tickets usually provide flexible return conditions and allow for changes. Economy class fares have restrictions on booking time and ticket purchase, minimum and maximum length of stay, conditions for exchange, return, and others.

Special airline fares usually have even more restrictions. These are often non-returnable tickets that airlines do not allow any changes. At the same time, special fares do not affect the quality of service on board in any way. The passenger gets a seat in economy class and appropriate service.

Fees #

The total price of air tickets includes fees and duties charged by a third party:

  • airport fees are fees for aviation security, aircraft maintenance and passenger check-in, air transportation fee, and others;
  • fuel fees are fees, as a rule, for each segment of the flight.

Service fee #

This is a fee for issuing a ticket, which is set by the airline or airline sales agency, and depends on the commercial policy of the seller.

When returning an air ticket, the service fee for its issuing is usually not refunded.

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