Refund from the Ozon Travel user account

If you have any funds left on the user account in the Ozon Travel personal account, you can issue a refund to a bank card.

To do this, email to and provide:

  • the personal account owner name;
  • login or email under which the personal account is registered;
  • the number of the last paid order, the flight destination, and the list of passengers who made the flight;
  • the amount of the remaining funds on the account.

To get a refund, provide:

  • a full name of the payee,
  • a card number,
  • a 20-digit personal account,
  • a bank name,
  • a bank correspondent account,
  • BIC of the bank.

We will receive your email and inform you about the refund date.

If you have any questions, contact our support team via the Ozon Travel chat.