Vinyl records safety

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To assess the vinyl records condition, we use a system close to the Record Collector rating system. Records and envelopes are evaluated on a six-point scale using abbreviated letter designations. They help to understand the condition of the product.

Vinyl condition assessment #

  • Mint (M): the record and the envelope have no traces of use and wear, the record sounds and looks “like new” and has no visible defects. The “Mint” designation can be obtained by factory-sealed records, records that have never been played or played once.

  • Excellent (EX): the record and envelope are in excellent condition and have minimal signs of wear. There may be small surface scratches on the record, but no damage affecting the sound quality. The envelope may have minor scuffs or fractures. Such records were most likely played several times in compliance with all the rules and precautions.

  • Very Good (VG): the record and the envelope are in very good condition. The record has obviously been played many times, and there are visible scuffs and scratches that can cause surface noises, but they do not lead to a significant sound quality degradation. There are slight scuffs or fractures on the envelope, as well as defects at the corners and bends, but there are no tears.

  • Good (G): the record and the envelope are in good condition, but the record has been played many times, and this has significantly affected the sound quality. Noises, clicks or distortions are clearly audible during playback, deep, long scratches may be present on the surface. There are noticeable bends, tears, or damaged edges on the envelope.

  • Fair (F): the record and the envelope are in mediocre condition. The record can still be played, but the sound quality is noticeably reduced, strong noises and distortions are possible. The envelope is torn, stained or has other noticeable damage and storage traces.

  • Bad (B): the record and the envelope are in poor condition. The record is unusable or even broken. The envelope is severely damaged or partially lost.