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The information on this page is only valid for users from Russia.

The cost of products delivery from abroad is calculated according to the rules.

You can find out the approximate delivery time when placing the order or in your personal account on the order page.

It takes up to 5 working days for the warehouse to pack the products. It takes up to 9 calendar days for your order to be delivered by Russian Post or a delivery company.

The seller chooses the delivery companies with which they cooperate, e.g. Russian Post, CDEK, or Boxberry International.

Customer chooses delivery by one of the delivery companies offered by the seller.

Declaration and customs duties #

Additional rules, conditions and laws apply when ordering from foreign sellers

According to the Customs Code, all shipments crossing the EEU border must be declared to Customs, regardless of value or weight. All international shipments are subject to customs clearance in accordance with the established procedure.

Quantity limit of similar products in one order #

It is not recommended to order more than four of the same type of products at once. The order may be considered a commercial shipment of products, and you will have to pay duty.

Providing passport data and TIN #

When declaring products for personal use, the delivery company or its customs representative may request a copy of your passport and TIN.

The delivery company acts within the framework of customs legislation and collects passport data in the recipient’s personal account on the website of the transportation company or its customs representative. The information is transmitted via secure communication channels and uploaded to a secure portal. For customs clearance of foreign citizen’s parcels, a foreign citizen passport’s scan and a scan of the permission to stay in Russia are required.

Passport data and TIN will not be required if the order is delivered by Russian Post.

Time frame for the parcel’s transfer from customs #

According to the EEU Customs Code, the products' transfer is performed no later than one business day following the day of the declaration’s registration. If all data is filled in correctly, the transfer period is 2-3 days after the cargo arrives in Russia.

Duty-free import limits on the territory of the Russian Federation #

The customs duty limit is 200 euro or 31 kg per parcel based on EEC Council Decision No. 107 of 20.12.2017. If a parcel exceeds these figures, the FCS will charge duty at the rate of 15% of the excess amount or 2 euros for each kilogram of excess, whichever is greater. This limit applies to one parcel. The number of parcels received per month is not limited.

Legislation #

Orders with products from abroad are subject to the rules of the Customs Union :

  • The Customs Code of the Eurasian Economic Union, Chapter 37.
  • Decision of the Council of the Eurasian Economic Commission of 20.12.2017 No. 107 “On certain issues related to products for personal use”.
  • Order of the Federal Customs Service of 05.07.2018 № 1060 “On the Procedure for the use of the passenger customs declaration for express cargo in respect of products for personal use, delivered by the carrier (delivery forwarding company or courier delivery service), the recipient or sender of which is a private entity, containing the information necessary for the release of products for personal use, with the application of the Unified Automated Information System of Customs Bodies.
  • Decision of the Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission of 16.10.2018 No. 158 “On the customs declaration of products for personal use, delivered by a carrier as an express cargo, using a passenger customs declaration”.

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