Solving problems at the hotel

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We listed frequent situations and described how to act correctly in them.

I can’t find the hotel at the address specified in the voucher #

Contact us.

My booking is not found at the reception desk #

Check your voucher, you may have arrived at the wrong hotel or on the wrong check-in date.

If you arrived at the hotel according to the terms specified in the voucher, but you have difficulties with checking in, please contact us.

The hotel employees can’t find payment for food or other additional services #

If the hotel says that the services from the voucher have not been paid, contact us and do not pay anything before our consultation.

The room or hotel does not match the description #

If you find that the room or hotel does not match the description provided when you placed the order, please contact us.

The description of the hotel and photos of the rooms are provided by the hotel itself or by the service supplier. Ozon is not responsible for any inconsistency between this information and the guest’s expectations and subjective evaluation.

Please note that in case of early check-out, money for unused nights and services may not be refunded. Be sure to get a written confirmation from the hotel of the check-out date and time and send it to us in electronic form within 14 days after check-out. Based on it, we will request compensation from the supplier, if it is possible. Requests that were received later or are not supported by an official document are not considered.

I need to check into a hotel that doesn’t have a reception desk #

Not all hotels have 24-hour reception desks. Some hotels do not have them at all, mostly apartments.

Check-in options:

  • Get the keys at the reception of the hotel that owns the apartment.
  • Call the phone number listed on the booking page and get the keys at a specific address. In some cases, you need to find out not only the address where to get the keys, but also the address where the apartment is located.
  • If you received a code, check in using it.

We try to notify our clients in advance about the order of check-in in such hotels. If you have not received a message with the necessary information, please contact us.

I can’t get to the hotel on the day of check-in #

If you did not arrive at the hotel on the day of check-in or arrived later without prior notice, the hotel may cancel your booking. The fines will be calculated according to the rules on late booking cancellation.

We recommend requesting an additional early or late check-in service in advance.

If the situation has already arisen on the road, immediately inform us or the hotel that you are late. You can see the hotel’s contacts in the voucher.

I forgot my things at the hotel #

If it is no longer possible to return to the hotel, contact them using the details specified in your voucher.

The hotel property was damaged and must be compensated for #

We recommend solving this issue directly with the hotel.

Sometimes upon check-in hotels ask for a cash deposit or block the amount on the card for 1–2 nights stay to guarantee the reimbursement of possible damages. This deposit can be used by the hotel to pay for damages. If you did not make a deposit or if the deposit is insufficient to cover the damage, check with the hotel for reimbursement procedures.

How to contact us #

You can write to the Ozon Travel chat or call us by the number specified in your voucher. You can download an electronic voucher in your personal account in the Ozon Travel section.

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