How to buy a train ticket

Table of Content

When the ticket sales opens #

  • For trains within Russia–90 or 120 days before departure.
  • For trains to the CIS and Baltic countries–45 days in advance.
  • For trains to Ukraine and Moldova–30 days in advance.
  • For trains to foreign countries–60 days in advance.

Ticket sales open at 08:00 Moscow time.

Trips to Kaliningrad #

You can find out the train schedule and buy tickets to Kaliningrad and back only at the ticket offices or on the Russian Railways website.

How to buy a train ticket #

You can buy tickets for trains running on the territory of Russia and CIS countries via Ozon Travel service. You can place only one-way tickets in one order. If you need a return ticket, place a second order.

To get a list of trains available for booking, on the ticket search page, specify:

  • Departure city in the From field.
  • Arrival city in the To field.
  • The date of the trip in the When field.
  • In the drop-down list, select the number of passengers in the categories:
    • adults and children from 10 years old,
    • children under 10 years old with a seat provided,
    • children under 5 years old without a seat provided.

Each adult passenger can take with them only one child under 5 years old without a seat provided. The number of passengers in one order can’t exceed four, including children who are traveling without a seat. If there are more than four passengers, place several orders.

When all the fields are filled in, click Find.

The found travel options are automatically sorted by departure time. The local time for the departure and arrival stations is indicated on the website and in the ticket. The cost of the trip is indicated in rubles for all passengers and includes taxes and fees.

To refine your search, use the filters above the search results.

Step 2. Selecting train and the car seats #

  1. Click Select in the line with the appropriate travel option.
  2. In the Select seats section, select the car type and number from the drop-down lists. Click Read more to view information about the services available in the car. If a sleeper car has a division into a female and a male compartment, then the corresponding filter will be shown under the seating chart.
    The choice of seats may not be available if the carrier has not provided a car scheme. In this case, seats will be assigned automatically, and the final ticket price will be shown at the passenger data entry stage.
  3. Click Enter passenger data. If you are not logged in to Ozon, log in to your personal account to complete the tickets' checkout.
  4. Specify the email address and phone number to receive tickets.
  5. Fill in the passenger information. Specify:
    • Last name, first name, and patronymic of the passenger. If the passenger does not have a patronymic, leave the field empty.
    • Date of birth, gender.
    • Citizenship.
    • The series and number of the document on which the trip will be taken. If you are traveling within Russia, enter the passport data of the Russian Federation, and if you are going abroad–the foreign passport data of the Russian Federation. For children under 14 years old, specify the birth certificate details.
    • Phone and email to receive notifications about the delay or cancellation of the train. You can receive them from Russian Railways.
  6. Complete the checkout by clicking Book.

Step 3. Ticket payment #

You are given 15 minutes to pay for the ticket. This time is set by Russian Railways.

Payment by bank card or Ozon Card #

If you want to pay for the part of the order from the balance of funds, select the appropriate checkbox in the Payment method section.

  1. Click Pay online.
  2. Enter your bank card or Ozon Card data.
  3. Click Pay.

Payment from the balance of funds #

  1. Check the box Use … rubles from my balance of funds in the Payment method section.
  2. Click Pay online. If there are enough funds on the balance to pay for the order in full, tickets will be issued. If there are not enough funds, pay the rest of the amount by bank card or Ozon Card.

After payment confirmation, you will receive a ticket control coupon and a check on your email. These documents are also available in your personal account on the Ozon website and in the Ozon app. A control coupon is a travel document that must be presented when boarding the train.

If you still have questions, write to the Ozon Travel support chat.