Creating a strong password

Table of Content

The password must:

  • differ from the current and old password;
  • consist of 8 or more characters;
  • contain large and small letters, numbers, and special characters;
  • consist of the Latin alphabet letters.

Do not create a password based on your account name or a real word.

Creating a strong password #

Do not use the examples below as your own password.
  • Try to use a random set of letters, numbers, and symbols when creating a password. The longer the password, the better. This way it will be harder to hack you.

  • Remove all vowels from the phrase to create a unique password. For example, “FLsSmllBrd” is “a fly is a small bird”.

  • Create an abbreviation from the first letters of your favorite song or phrase that you know very well. For example, “strdlmtrbsmdfw”–“Yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away”.

  • Capitalize some letters, add numbers and symbols, including punctuation marks. For example, “!MhtMlnkPtchk_20” or “*TmkYnckvPcdCns99!”.

  • Change your password every few months. This way you will avoid a possible data leak.

  • Do not use the same password for multiple accounts. If hackers have compromised one website, they will try to use the received passwords to access other websites and apps.