Ticket exchange and return

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If you can’t use the purchased ticket, there are several reasons, depending on which you can choose what to do next.

In case of a schedule change, flight delay or cancellation, you may request a full refund or tickets exchange without additional charge for a flight of the same airline, unless otherwise provided by its rules.

In case of illness or death of a passenger or their close relative traveling with them on an aircraft, you may request a full ticket price refund if you provide all the necessary documents.

In all other cases the refund will be made according to tariff rules.

We recommend that you think about whether you want to return your ticket or use it at a different time or on a different route before deciding to do so.

If you plan to use the ticket and know the new flight date, you can create an exchange request.

If you are in doubt whether to fly or not, and your decision depends on the amount that will be refunded, create a request for calculating the refund. If you are not satisfied with the amount, you can use the ticket, as no action will be taken with it.

If you still decide to return the ticket, create a request for a voluntary return. Remember that ticket return is an irreversible action, so make a return if you are firmly convinced that there is no other way out.

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