Internet fraud

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Many websites require personal data to work. For example, you specify full name and address when placing an order online, or email when subscribing to the newsletter. Hackers can use various means to get this data.

Do not share your personal data, such as password or PIN code. Ozon employees will never ask you for a password, PIN or CVV number.

Phishing #

Phishing is a method of identity theft through emails and messages. For example, these are emails from hackers who present themselves as banks. The purpose of such emails is to force you to enter a password or the card data in a fake form.

Please note that Ozon doesn’t send messages to Viber or WhatsApp messengers.

Frauds can send:

  • fake emails with the Ozon logo and sender’s address that looks like an Ozon address;
  • messages that are similar to messages from a bank about a purchase on Ozon.

What should I do if I receive a phishing message?

If you have received a suspicious message, do not follow the links in it. Forward it to us so that we could check it.

Fake websites #

Fake websites are websites that externally copy some kind of popular websites, such as Ozon. The purpose of such websites is to make you enter the password.

Do not click on links that were sent to you by strangers. To recognize a fake website, look at its address in the browser line–it will be different from the official one. The official Ozon website address is

What should I do if I got on a fake website?

If you are on a fake website, do not enter any personal data there. Send us links to websites that pose as the Ozon website.

Phone fraud #

Phone fraud is a method of identity theft through calls or SMS. For example, these are calls from hackers on behalf of the bank asking to provide the card number. The purpose of such fraud is to charge money from your card or force you to enter your password and card details.

Do not provide card details (number, PIN code, CVV number) to strangers. Bank employees do not ask for card details.

What should I do if phone frauds write to me?

If you have received a suspicious message, do not follow the links in it. If you are not sure that the message is from the bank, then you can call in the bank support and to clarify. The support number is listed on your bank card or on the bank’s website.

If you have any questions, contact us.