Markdown products

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Markdown products are new products that Ozon has marked down due to minor damage or repairs. For example, the product has damaged packaging or a missing item in the set. The discount depends on the product condition and can be up to 50%.

Such products on Ozon are marked with a special tag.

You can also select the product condition on its card.

We distinguish several categories of markdown products depending on their condition:

  • “Satisfactory”,
  • “Good”,
  • “Very good”,
  • “Excellent”,
  • “Like new”.

The lower the product category, the higher the discount on it. The category depends on the rating that we put on the product in stock. We take into account the condition of the packaging, mechanical damage, material defects, and completeness of the set.

You can see the condition and type of the damage on the product card in the Markdown product description block.

Restrictions on product categories #

Ozon does not mark down:

  • personal hygiene products: pads, diapers, etc.;
  • jewelry;
  • second-hand books;
  • food products;
  • Ozon Card.

How to return the markdown product #

You can return markdown products in the same way as new ones. Learn more about how to return a product.

Before making a return, make sure that it can be returned. Learn more in the Return policy section.