Support packages «No Package», «Priority», and «All Inclusive»

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Ozon Travel support packages #

A support package will help make your trip more comfortable. Our specialists will inform you about the changes and help you solve the difficulties of the trip.

There are three support package options available when booking a ticket: “No Package”, “Priority”, and “All Inclusive”.

Please note, if you choose the “No Package” level, you will only be able to contact us via the Ozon Travel support chat.
If you choose “Priority” or “All inclusive”, then be sure to call only from the phone number that was specified in the order for communication.

The service for the purchased support package is provided from the moment you complete the registration and pay for the order till 24 hours after the air transportation or the last flight segment to the destination is complete.

The “Priority” and “All Inclusive” support packages are non-refundable, it is impossible to refuse them after payment.

The Ozon fee is a commission that we charge for the exchange and refund of tickets or making other changes to the order, for example, changing the passenger’s first and last name.

Ozon fee for ticket exchange registration #

Exchange type For the "No package" support service For the "Priority" support service For the "All Inclusive" support service
Ticket worth less than 3,000 rubles 1,000 rubles 500 rubles Free<
Ticket worth more than 3,000 rubles 2,000 rubles 1,000 rubles Free
Changes in the passenger's name, surname, or passport details 500 rubles 500 rubles Free<

Ozon fee for ticket exchange registration #

Amount to be refunded from the airline For the "No package" support service For the "Priority" support service For the "All Inclusive" support service
up to 300 rubles 300 rubles 50 rubles Free
301–500 rubles 300 rubles 100 rubles Free
501–600 rubles 400 rubles 200 rubles Free
601–700 rubles 500 rubles 200 rubles Free
701–800 rubles 600 rubles 300 rubles Free
801–900 rubles 700 rubles 300 rubles Free
901–1,000 rubles 800 rubles 400 rubles Free
1,001–1,200 rubles 900 rubles 400 rubles Free
1,201–1,400 rubles 1,100 rubles 400 rubles Free
1,401–1,500 rubles 1,300 rubles 400 rubles Free
1,501–1,600 rubles 1,300 rubles 700 rubles Free
1,601–1,800 rubles 1,400 rubles 700 rubles Free
1,801–2,000 rubles 1,500 rubles 700 rubles Free
2,001–2,200 rubles 1,600 rubles 700 rubles Free
2,201–2,400 rubles 1,700 rubles 700 rubles Free
2,401–2,600 rubles 1,800 rubles 700 rubles Free
2,601–2,800 rubles 2,000 rubles 700 rubles Free
2,801–3,000 rubles 2,200 rubles 700 rubles Free
from 3,001 rubles 2,000 rubles 750 rubles Free

If you have any questions, contact the Ozon Travel support chat.