How to avoid airline ticket frauds?

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Your main defense against scammers is your diligence. Check the address and appearance of the website, the payment page, and be critical of big discounts.

A fraudulent website will most likely greet you with a discount message in the center of the page. This is the first reason to think about whether you got to a phishing website, because we only show real discounts for specific airlines in the search results.

If you do log in to such a website, you give frauds the access to your personal account, all the information from which they will display on the screen to lull you.

When searching for tickets, you will see the original prices, but on the booking page the price will already be lower, since you will be told that a “discount” has been applied.

You will be offered only payment by bank card and a very short time to pay for the ticket.

And if you still proceed to pay for the order on a fraudulent website, be sure to pay attention to the message from the bank with a 3DS code. There should be no message about the transfer to the VKONTAKTE service, to an individual, or a purchase on some strange service.

How to distinguish the original website from frauds #

  1. The website address must be no errors, numbers, other letters, dashes, domain extensions (pw, business, kz).

  2. Frauds websites usually have an unsecured connection:

The connection on our website is secured:

  1. Information about big discounts on everything.

  2. It’s not possible to check the booking before payment. After you fill in the passenger data, they are immediately send you to the payment page. Ozon Travel offers to check the booking, add insurance, and select a service package.

  3. There is only one payment option–by card. Ozon Travel, and many large companies, have several payment options: by card, electronic money, cash through terminals. Usually, they give a minimum of 15 minutes to pay for the booking. Frauds often require immediate payment.

  4. A consultant in a chat on a fake website encourages you to pay. Our operators only answer questions and do not impose services.

Tips for safe purchase #

  1. Bookmark the website, so as not to enter it manually and not to follow links from the search.

  2. Download the Ozon mobile app. Copying an app is harder, longer, and more expensive than a website. You do not have to enter your details every time, which means there is less risk of making a mistake in the name or passport number. There is a security guarantee only when downloading from the official Play Market and App Store apps.

What to do if you sent money to frauds #

  1. Inform the bank about the fraud and write a statement of objection with the operation. The statement is considered for up to 60 days.

  2. File a fraud statement with the police.

  3. Block the card. Hackers know its details and can make purchases on foreign websites even without a confirmation code.

  4. The bank often says that they can’t refund the money, since the payment has already passed. Try to get the money back through a payment cancellation statement. This is a procedure for challenging an operation that is carried out not by your bank, but by a payment system. You should write the statement to the bank that issued your card. Along with the statement, attach screenshots of the website or letters confirming that you have not received tickets.

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If you still have questions, write to the Ozon Travel support chat.