Warranty products repair

Table of Content

If the product has broken during the warranty period #

  1. Check the warranty period of the product.

  2. Contact the service center. You can find their addresses in the instructions or on the manufacturer’s website.

  3. Bring it there:

    • The product.
    • Receipt or other confirmation of the products purchase on Ozon. If you paid for the order on the website, you can find the receipt in the confirmation letter or in your personal account on the Electronic receipts page.
    • The warranty card. It’s in the box with the product.

    Even if you don’t have a receipt or warranty card, by law you can’t be denied service. If the center employees require a warranty card, contact us.

  4. The service center will repair the product for free or issue a conclusion that it can’t be repaired.

According to the law “On Consumer Protection”, repairs should not last longer than 45 days.

What to do if the product can’t be repaired #

If the product can’t be repaired, you will receive a conclusion on non-maintainability from the service center.

To refund the money:

  1. Create a new refund request.
  2. Attach a scan of the conclusion from the service center to it.
  3. Wait for the request to be approved.
  4. Hand over the original conclusion and the warranty card (if available) to the pick-up point, courier or Russian Post office.

If you have any questions, contact us.