Characteristics and availability

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There are thousands of products on Ozon. Use the search or catalog to find the right product. You can view detailed characteristics of each product on its page in the Characteristics section.

What should I do if I didn’t find the right product #

If you entered the product name in the search bar and saw the message “Sorry, there are no products for your request now”, it means that we don’t have such a product in our assortment yet.

In this case, you can add a link to the desired product by clicking Didn’t find what you were looking for?. We will pass the information to the managers of the appropriate category and try to add the product to the assortment.

In this case, you can search for similar products by clicking Similar products.

Besides, the same products may not be available in different cities, for example, if they are in a regional warehouse. Products of the Supermarket and 18+ categories need to be searched in the corresponding category, they are not displayed in the general search.

The product is out of stock #

We regularly refill products' stock in our warehouses. To find out about stock, sign up for notifications by clicking the Learn about stock button.

You can also view similar products by clicking Similar products.

The product price is too high #

You can wait for a discount on the product you are interested in. To make sure you don’t miss the price decline, click the Find out about the price decline button on the product page. When the price drops, we will send you a notification.

To let us know that you have found a product at a lower price, click Found cheaper? on the product page. Specify the link to the product and the price on another website, we will pass the information to the managers. When the product price drops, we will write to you by email.

If you think that the seller is overpricing the product, click Overpriced product? on the product page, evaluate the seller and specify a fair price for the product.

You can ask for a personal discount from the seller.

How to get a personal discount #

  1. On the website, the I want a discount button displayed on the product. If you want to get a discount, click on it.
  1. In the window that opens, specify the amount for which you would like to buy the product, or select the discount amount. For now, discounts of 3% and 5% are available, but you can offer the seller any discount amount. If you want, you can leave a link to a similar product on another marketplace and a message to the seller.
  1. The seller can accept the request, reject it, or offer their price. The response must come within 48 hours, otherwise the request is automatically rejected. If the seller approved the request or offered a price that you are comfortable with, you get a personal discount, and you can use it within 24 hours after receiving a response. The price will be displayed in your personal account as a promotion from the seller with personal discount.

You can also search for suitable promotions, special offers and coupons on the Promotions page and purchase the product at a lower price or on more favorable terms.

I have a question about the seller’s product #

You can contact some sellers via chat. To ask a question, on the product page under the product photos, click Ask the seller about the product, then type your message and wait for an answer.