How to buy a ticket at the best price

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There are airlines rules according to which special fares are formed. Knowing these rules, you can save money on buying an airline ticket:

  1. It’s worth planning your departure date in advance, as many attractive cheap fares usually require you to book and buy your ticket no later than 7, 14, or 21 days in advance.

  2. Book your tickets so that your stay in the country is at least 3–4 days, since special fares are not made for a short stay.

  3. If your stay in the country is longer than a month, the ticket will cost much more, because the basic fares are based on a stay of no more than 1 month.

  4. Try to include the night of Saturday to Sunday in your dates of stay, and then the airfare will be subject to the standard “Sunday Rule”, which will save you money.

  5. By buying round-trip air tickets, you save about 35% of the cost. Two separate tickets are usually more expensive.

  6. A limited number of tickets are sold at minimum fares, usually no more than 8–10%. Then, as they are sold, more expensive fares are offered.

  7. If you can’t find cheap flights, try changing the departure dates. The earlier you buy a ticket, the more chances you have to find the cheapest option. On the issue page there is information on prices for nearby dates.

Also, by clicking the Show calendar button you can find cheaper tickets, depending on the departure and arrival dates.

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