How to cancel your order

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If the order is not in the Handed over to delivery status yet, you can cancel it in the Orders section:

  1. On the order page, click Cancel.
  1. Select the packages you want to return, or cancel the order completely.
  2. Specify the reason for cancellation.

You can cancel the order in the “Handed over to delivery” status only if it is delivered by the seller. If it’s a regular delivery, the seller will consider cancellation within two days. If it’s an express delivery–within 12 hours.

You don’t have to cancel the order if you want to:

If you cancel your order before it is handed over to delivery, Ozon will refund you the product cost and the delivery cost. If after it is handed over to delivery–only the product cost.

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Learn more about how to cancel an order with products from abroad in the Ozon Global.

There is no “Cancel” button #

The Cancel button may not be available if the order is already handed over to delivery. In this case, you can cancel the whole order via chat-bot. You wil see the button on the order card if Ozon reschedules the delivery date.

If your order is delivered by a third-party delivery service, contact us. We will help you to cancel it.

If you have already received your order, you can’t cancel it. You can issue a return.

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