How to exchange a ticket

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If you want to change flight dates or travel route, first you need to find out if the ticket allows you to make any changes. Not every ticket can be exchanged. There are certain restrictions depending on the fare rules.

Fare rules #

Depending on which global booking system your airline stores information about seats, the fare rules will be in Russian or English. If necessary, you can use the automatic translation of the rules into Russian by clicking the corresponding button.

For example, the rules say that changes are allowed with a fine of 30 euros. This means that the departure on such a ticket can be postponed to another date with a fine of 30 euros per passenger. It is also possible that a fine is charged for changing the dates of each flight in the route if it includes several flights.

However, this does not mean that your losses will be limited to 30 euros. According to the airline’s rules, it is possible to change the ticket with minimal losses only if there are seats for the new desired dates at the same fare according to which the first ticket was issued. For example, there may be about ten fares in economy class. If there are no seats at the original fare, you will have to pay the difference in price to a more expensive fare.

If the rules allow you to change the route of travel, this can only be done within the route network of the same airline and, most often, within one part of the world, for example, Europe.

You should remember that if there are several flights by different airlines in one ticket or different fares are used, then, as a rule, the strictest rules apply to the entire ticket.

Ticket exchange request #

If your plans have changed, you can exchange a ticket for a different date or a different route for a flight of the same airline.

If the airline cancels the flight or delays it for more than 4 hours, most likely, the exchange can be made without additional charges. In all other cases, the exchange will be carried out with deductions according to the rules of the airline.

To apply for an exchange, send to the Ozon Travel support chat your order number, the reason for the exchange, and the desired departure/arrival dates. We will check the possibility of an exchange, calculate it and issue an invoice for payment.

The ticket will only be exchanged if you pay that invoice. If you change your mind about making an exchange, just don’t pay the invoice, and the tickets will remain unchanged.

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If you have any questions, contact the Ozon Travel support chat.