What is an electronic train ticket

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An electronic railway ticket is a paperless form of a traditional ticket, which is issued on a control coupon form.

An electronic ticket is more convenient than a paper one: you can buy it online at any time of the day, and if necessary, you can print a paper copy of it. Ticket information is stored in the carrier’s database.

After paying for the ticket, you receive an email with the ticket control coupon and a check. These documents are also available in your personal account on the Ozon website and in the Ozon mobile app. A control coupon is a travel document that must be presented when boarding the train.

If electronic registration is available for the train, the “ER” mark will appear at the stage of selecting the car. E-registration is automatic when you buy a ticket. You do not need to get the original ticket on the form of Russian Railways, just print out a control coupon or save it on your mobile device. The control coupon must be presented when boarding along with the identity document that was specified when purchasing the electronic ticket.

If e-registration for the train is not available, you need to get the original ticket at the Russian Railways ticket office or at the terminal at the train station in Russia. You can receive the original ticket no later than 1 hour before the train’s departure.

If the departure station is located outside of Russia, you need to select a train with e-registration.

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