How to return a ticket

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Before applying for a return, you need to determine the reason why you refuse to fly–forced or voluntary.

The earlier the ticket is returned, the more chances there are to avoid large monetary fines. Request for urgent return should be sent at least 4 hours before check-in ends. Once check-in begins, there are increased fines for ticket refunds.

Most airlines in case of no-show on the flight either do not refund the money or impose an additional fine, so the time of sending the return request is very important.

Return terms #

  • Request consideration–from 4 hours (urgent return) to 7 working days;
  • Request to the airline, if required–up to 3 months;
  • Money transfer–from 1 to 30 working days, depending on the payment method. We will indicate more precise terms in the response to your request in the chat or by mail.

Voluntary ticket return #

In the case of a voluntary return, they are withheld:

  • airline fine, if provided by the tariff;
  • Ozon Travel fee for issuing a ticket, if it was included in the price at the time of sale;
  • Ozon Travel fee for making a return. Not withheld when returning tickets for infants.

The amount of the return processing fee depends on how much money the airline will refund you, as well as which Ozon Travel support package is in effect for your order.

To apply for a ticket return, write to the Ozon Travel support chat.

Forced ticket return #

In normal practice, fines and fees are not charged in case of a forced return. In what cases it is possible:

  • flight cancellation or delay for more than 3 hours;
  • passenger’s illness: it is necessary to provide medical documents confirming contraindications to the flight on the departure date;
  • death of a passenger or their close relative: proof of kinship and death certificate must be provided;
  • visa refusal: not all companies accept this reason for consideration.

The airline will only accept a return request if you inform the carrier that you are not flying. This should be done no later than the end of check-in for the flight. You can do this either directly with the airline or through Ozon Travel by applying for a forced return.

The minimum processing time for an urgent request for a return is 4 hours.

To confirm the forced return, the airline will require documents. Otherwise, the return will not be issued.

Medical documents confirming contraindications to the flight #

When applying for a forced return due to illness of a passenger, a member of his family or a close relative, send us a color scanned copy or a photo of medical documents from the list below.

If at the time of the request you have not received the documents yet, or they are not completely collected, you can send them to us in a chat later. At the same time, it is important to contact us on the day of the disease beginning and remove seats, so that the airline does not fix a no-show. Seats can’t be removed earlier than a day before going to the doctor.

Family members are spouses, parents and children (adoptive parents and adopted children). Close relatives are grandfathers, grandmothers and grandchildren, full- and not full-siblings. To request a return, you should provide documents confirming the relationship with the passenger.

What medical documents you need for a return #

We can send a request to the airline for a return of the full tickets cost based on one of the following medical documents:

  • medical certificate on the form of the medical institution with three stamps and contraindications for the flight;
  • closed disability certificate (sick note);
  • an electronic sick note (ESN) or a coupon with an ESN number, printed and certified by the signature of an official and the organization stamp at your place of work or study;
  • a coupon with an EDC number, certified by the signature of a doctor and the medical institution stamp;
  • signal sheet, extract from the ambulance call log;
  • discharge epicrisis, extract from the medical history (ambulatory patient, hospital patient);
  • conclusion of the medical commission;
  • a certificate or other medical document issued by the departure airport’s health center.

According to the Pobeda Airlines rules, you need to provide two documents: a disability certificate and a medical certificate with contraindications to the flight.

What should be indicated in medical documents #

In all documents, except for the certificates of the departure airport’s health center, there must be:

  • readable name;
  • stamp or registration on the letterhead of the medical institution that issued the document;
  • institution details;
  • clearly readable position and surname of the person who issued the document;
  • dates of illness or dates of contraindications to the flight, indicated by a separate entry in the document and coinciding with the dates of the flight;
  • a diagnosis that contains the illness or injury name or is designated as a “disease”. Not required for a sick note;
  • document date;
  • medical institution stamps, except of medical documents issued outside the Russian Federation.

At least two stamps are needed for the certificate and the medical report:

  • Doctor’s personal stamp: for certificates–the attending physician or the chief, for medical reports–specialist doctors.
  • Medical institution stamp. The stamp impression must contain the full name of the medical institution that issued the document.

For an ESN coupon and other documents, a doctor’s signature and a medical institution stamp are required. The stamp impression must contain the full name of the medical institution that issued the document.

Attach a notarized translation to medical documents issued outside the Russian Federation territory. Each case is considered individually and should be agreed with the airline. We will refund the money immediately after the airline confirms the forced return.

To apply for a ticket return, write to the Ozon Travel support chat.

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