Self-transfer route

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Self-transfer route is a route that is made up of individual tickets of one or more airlines at minimum fares. Such flights are the cheapest way to get to your destination, and they require the passenger to carefully plan the flight.

The difference between self-transfer routes and regular transfer routes #

As a rule, the routes with a transfer are flights of airlines that have an agreement on transportation. But such routes are not always available.

We’ve added self-transfers routes, so you don’t have to search for transfer points and make different bookings, compare flights and calculate time for luggage pickup and drop-off, check-in, and passport and visa control.

You just need to specify the departure city, the destination city, and the desired dates. Our search algorithm will combine the flights of all available airlines, determine the optimal connection time and offer the cheapest and most convenient flight.

Restrictions for self-transfers routes #

Return or exchange of each ticket, which is included in the self-transfer route, is made separately. If one of the tickets has a delay in departure, schedule change or flight cancellation, the return or exchange of tickets will be performed as voluntary according to the fare rules.

Luggage should be re-registered. When flying with a self-transfer route, you have to pick up and re-check your luggage during each transfer. At the same time, passengers leave the transit area of the airport, so there is a risk of visa complications.

Advantages of self-transfer routes #

Often such flights are cheaper than flights issued with one ticket.

You can select the transfer city and its duration yourself.

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