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  • Some pickup points and parcel terminals are no longer available due to the closure of the stores where they are located.
  • We recommend that you use contactless door-to-door delivery or parcel terminals in pharmacies and grocery stores.

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Pick-up points #

When you receive the products at the pick-up point, do not forget to wear a medical mask and gloves.
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Documents for receiving products

Not needed. To receive products, tell the employee the order number. If there is an 18+ product in the order, then the employee of the pick-up point may ask to file an identity document, for example, a passport.

You can also receive the order at the pick-up point by barcode. In the Ozon app, go to the Orders section in your personal account, select the desired order and click Get by barcode, then show the barcode to the employee of the pick-up point. The employee will scan the barcode and will give your order.

Storage period

2-5 days. You can extend order storage period by yourself. To do this, select the desired order in your personal account and press the Extend storage button.

Delivery restrictions

Restrictions depend on the pick-up point and the ordered product. When placing an order, only those pick-up points will be available to you, to which the order is subject to restrictions.

You can’t select pick-up point, if:

  • you have selected a product that exceeds the permissible size;
  • the total weight of the products in the parcel exceeds permissible;
  • you have chosen a product that can not be delivered to the pick-up point: medicines or veterinary drugs.


To view all pick-up points with fitting rooms, when placing an order click Fitting rooms on the map with pick-up points.

More about our fitting rooms

Partial order cancellation

Available at all pick-up points.

Parcel terminals #

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Documents for receiving products

Not needed. To receive an order in the Ozon parcel terminal, you will need eight-digit codes for each shipment. We sent them in an email, they are also available on the order page in your personal account.

  1. On the parcel terminal screen tap To pick up the order.
  2. Enter the code, press Get and the box will open.

Alternatively, you can receive the order in the parcel terminal by barcode:

  1. In the Ozon app, go to the Orders section.
  2. Select the desired order and click Get by barcode.
  3. Tap on the parcel terminal screen To receive an order, bring the phone barcode to the scanner and the box will open.

Storage period

2 days. To extend the storage time, contact us.

Delivery restrictions

  • The order weight is not more than 10 kg, including packaging.
  • Maximum size of the package is 55 x 40 x 32 cm.
  • The total cost of products is not more than 150,000 rubles.
  • The minimum cost of the order is 999 rubles.
  • Electronic cigarettes, medicines, veterinary drugs, Ozon Express or 18+ products are not delivered to the parcel terminals.

Partial order cancellation


I can’t place an order in the parcel terminal

The parcel terminal will not be displayed on the map if:

  • The order exceeds the permissible size.
  • There are no empty cells in the parcel terminal. You can wait until the space is free, or choose another parcel terminal.
  • There are products in the order that are not delivered to the parcel terminal.

Ozon and PEC courier delivery #

If the delivery is made to a closed area, make sure that the courier can get through.

Documents for receiving products

If the order contains 18+ products, the courier may ask for an identity document, for example, a passport.


You will have 15 minutes for the fitting it on.

Delivery restrictions

PEC courier delivery does not lift the products to the apartment if the weight of the order is more than 80 kg.

If the distance from the PEC point to you is more than 40 km, then unloading and loading of products in some cities is not provided.

Partial order cancellation


How to choose Ozon courier delivery

On the checkout screen, if this delivery method is available for your order, select Ozon courier delivery.

Leave at the door #

Leave it at the door is a type of courier delivery in which you do not need to be present at the time of delivery, but only provide the courier access to the door of the house or apartment.

When delivered to a private house, the products will be left at the fence, not at the porch of the house.

To have the courier deliver the order to your door, select courier delivery and check Leave at the door. If you want the courier to call you beforehand, tick the corresponding checkbox. The call will be received 30-60 minutes before the courier arrival.

If you have not marked “call before delivery”, you can receive a call from the courier only if it is necessary to confirm the address, for example, incorrectly specified, or to coordinate access to the place of delivery.

When the courier delivers the order, they will take a photo. You will receive a delivery notification and a photo, which can be seen on the order page.

Delivery terms

  • The order amount is no more than 50,000 rubles (no more than 100,000 for Premium subscribers).
  • Courier delivery only.
  • The order must be prepaid.
  • The order should not contain electronic cigarettes, certificates, Ozon Card, veterinary drugs, medicines, passport-checked products, jewelry, digital products, for example, books and games.
  • Bulky products are delivered on special terms.
  • Products from the “Pharmacy” category are not delivered.

EMS Russian Post #

Documents for receiving products

To receive a product, you need to present an identity document, for example, a passport.

Storage time

30 days.

Delivery restrictions

No delivery to the Magadan region and the Buryat Republic.

In small settlements, you can receive an order only at the post office.

Medicines and veterinary medicines are not delivered by mail.



Partial order cancellation


Russian Post #

Documents for receiving products

  • An identity document, for example, a passport;
  • A notification.

To receive orders by SMS code without documents, use the electronic signature.

Storage time

15 days.

Delivery restrictions

  • The order weight is not more than 10 kg.
  • The maximum length of the side is 60 cm, the maximum sum of all sides is 140 cm, the two remaining sides are 80 cm. For example, the size can be 60 × 40 × 40 or 60 × 50 × 30.
  • The order should not contain aerosols, weapons, perishable food, jewelry, medicines and veterinary drugs.
  • Bulky products are not delivered.
  • Type of shipment is parcel.



Partial order cancellation


Delivery to places of deprivation of liberty/pre-trial detention centers

There are no deliveries to pre-trial detention centers temporarily.

Delivery outside Russia #

You can read about delivery methods outside Russia in the Delivery outside Russia section.

Ozon Express #

Ozon Express is a fast delivery service of fresh food, groceries, baby products, household products and pet supplies in Moscow, Moscow region and St. Petersburg.

Products in the Ozon Express category are marked Express.

Products in the Ozon Express categore are delivered separately from other orders and only by courier. Depending on the delivery area, there are two courier delivery methods: express courier delivery or regular courier delivery.

Ozon Express order can be delivered by Ozon courier or seller’s courier.

Learn more about Ozon Express

Delivery from abroad #

Learn more about the methods of products delivery from abroad

There is no delivery method you want #

There may not be a delivery method if you have a product in your order that we can’t deliver this way. For example, bulky products, Ozon Card, and Ozon Express products can’t be delivered to parcel terminals. Products that the seller sends from their warehouse can’t be delivered by Russian Post.

When placing an order, you will see the available shipping methods for your order.