How to become a manager

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Referral program completes its work. Learn more about terms and conditions.

Referral program is an opportunity to earn money by recommending Ozon to friends, acquaintances, and colleagues. For every customer who places an order with your referral promo code, you will receive points. You can use points to pay for up to 99% of an order or to convert them into rubles.

How to become a manager #

You can become a manager if you are registered on Ozon and are over 18 years old. To do so:

  1. Make orders for a total amount of 2,500 rubles, excluding:

    • Ozon points and Premium points,
    • delivery cost,
    • the cost of purchased Ozon gift certificates.

The sum of all purchases you made on Ozon is taken into account. For example, if since the moment of registration you have already made orders for a total amount of 2,500 rubles, you don’t need to purchase anything extra.

  1. Wait until the orders go to the “Received” status.

  2. Fill in the form on the referral program page. The form automatically fills in the data that you specified in the Ozon personal account. If the data is incorrect, make changes in your personal account and reload the referral program page. The data will be updated automatically.

A manager can have only one Ozon account with valid information about them. Otherwise, they will be excluded from participating in the referral program.

If you have a problem with registration, contact us.

Where to find a referral promo code #

After registering in the program, you will receive a unique referral promo code. You can find it in the manager account.

Can I change the referral promo code #

You can’t change the referral promo code.

How to refuse to participate in the referral program #

It is not yet possible to refuse to participate in the program. But you can choose not to share a promo code, don’t perform tasks and don’t make monthly orders of 2,500 rubles and more. At the same time, all the Ozon features will remain available to you.

Where to ask questions about the terms of the program #

You can write to us:

If you have any questions, contact us.