Transporting animals

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Transportation of animals on the plane #

To carry your pet on an airplane, you need to get the following certificates:

  1. The first required document is an international veterinary passport with notes on all vaccinations since birth, seals, and doctors' signatures. Bring this passport to the state veterinary clinic to get a veterinary certificate No. 1, which must be issued a maximum of three days before departure.

  2. Veterinary customs certificate, which is issued at the veterinary office of the airport.

Transportation of small pets and birds in the cabin of the aircraft is carried out only with the consent of the airline and accompanied by an adult passenger.

You have to agree the transportation of any animal on the aircraft’s board with the airline.

In order for us to send the corresponding request to the carrier, create an order, but don’t pay for it. After that, write to the Ozon Travel support chat, specifying:

  • order number and route;
  • what kind of animal you want to transport: cat, dog, etc., the breed of the animal;
  • dimensions of the cage (pet carrier) in three dimensions: length, height, width;
  • the weight of the animal along with the cage;
  • the wish to carry in the cabin or in the luggage compartment;
  • in case there are several passengers in the order, which one of them should be assigned to the animal.

For animals whose total weight along with the pet carrier is less than 8 kg., you can request transportation in the cabin. In all other cases, transportation in the luggage compartment is requested. The airlines have the right to refuse the request.

Please note: airlines may have individual rules regarding the prohibition of a particular breed transportation. You can view these rules on the airline’s website in advance, before paying for the order.

The airline’s refusal to transport an animal is not a reason for the forced ticket return.

Not every animal can be exported from Russia. For example, the export of parrots, turtles, monkeys, pythons requires permission from the RF State Committee on Environmental Protection, which is quite difficult to obtain. You have to prove that you purchased the animal legally, and not at the pet market, or document the fact of its birth on the territory of the country.

An attempt to carry an animal in an airplane without documents can be regarded as contraband. The violator will be forced to pay a fine or leave the animal at the airport.

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If you still have questions, write to the Ozon Travel support chat.