Boarding problems

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There are cases when a passenger, despite having a ticket, is not boarded.

Let’s take a look at some situations where this can happen:

There is an error in the passenger’s data on the ticket. #

When ordering a ticket, carefully check all the details: full name, date of birth, passport details. We show all the details at all stages of the booking so you can check if everything is correct. Be sure to double-check all the fields you fill in on each page.

If you found an error, write to the Ozon Travel support chat.

The check-in desk employee informs that there are no seats left on the plane. #

The fact is that airlines usually sell more seats than are provided on board. Carriers do this so that the plane does not fly with empty seats in case some passengers don’t show up for the flight.

To avoid such a situation, we recommend arriving at the airport in advance–about 2 hours before departure, even if you have checked in online.

The carrier canceled/rescheduled the flight. #

If you were not informed about this in advance and found out only at the airport, you should immediately contact the representative office of the airline operating the flight. The employee will offer you options for solving the situation.

The employee informs that the boarding is over, although there is still time before departure. #

There is a rule in air transportation: boarding ends at least 35-40 minutes before departure. You can check the exact time on the carrier’s website or view at the boarding pass if the check-in is already passed. Therefore, even if you have already checked in your luggage and received boarding passes, it is important to get on board on time, as latecomers are usually not waited for.

In any case, if for some reason you are not boarded, we first recommend contacting the airline’s representative office at the airport. Employees will be able to name possible reasons and suggest solutions to the issue.

If there is no airline’s representative office, or they can’t help, write to the Ozon Travel support chat.