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What is Ozon Travel #

Ozon Travel is an online service for travel arrangements. You can book train and airline tickets and hotel rooms for vacation, a business trip, or a small trip.

The service allows you to save on trips: you can compare several options and choose the most beneficial one. You can also pay up to 99% of the order cost with the points you received for purchasing on Ozon.

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Due to flight cancellations, we receive a lot of support requests. Operators process them in order of urgency: requests with the nearest departure date, then the canceled flights.

If you have already sent a request to the support service, don’t submit extra ones. We’ll be sure to reply to you by email. The refund period depends on the airline and takes up to 30 days on average.

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Air tickets

Ozon Travel works with more than 800 airlines. Compare offers of different carriers and choose the most beneficial one.

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Ozon Travel support service contacts #

Ozon Travel support service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Operators solve all problems with the trips: they help to return or exchange ticket, to fix misprints, to add luggage, to arrange for the transportation of pets or non-standard cargo.

For questions related to the ticket purchase or upcoming trip, write to the Ozon Travel chat. Chatbot will help you return tickets, calculate the refund amount and process other requests. In non-standard situations, the operator will connect to the chat if the chatbot couldn’t help. If you have a question about a placed order, be ready to give us your order number in the Z-12345678-0001 or 12345678-0001 format.

Priority (free) Ozon Travel support line is available for:

The priority line phone number is specified in the ticket and in the voucher for hotel accommodation in your personal account.

All other users can contact the general support line.

General (paid) Ozon Travel support line

General line phone number: +7 809 505-34-00

The call cost, including VAT, is from 55 rubles per minute, depending on the region and the telecom operator, including the delay on a call and the conversation with the operator.

Before making a call, make sure that your tariff plan allows you to call paid numbers.