How to order products from abroad

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The information on this page is relevant only for users from Russia.

Restrictions when ordering products from abroad #

Products with the Ozon Global tag are delivered to you directly from the seller from abroad. Delivery and payment terms for an order with such products differ from the Ozon terms. Products from different sellers will arrive in different packages.

For products from abroad you can’t pay for the order upon receipt.

How to make an order #

You can order products from abroad on the Ozon website or in the mobile app.

The transport company or its customs representative will contact you to request passport details and TIN. You will need these documents for customs clearance. When the order is delivered by Russian Post, you don’t have to provide passport details and TIN.

Restrictions #

If you have Ozon products and Ozon Global products from abroad in your cart, you will not be able to choose the following delivery and payment methods for the order:

  • 24/7 delivery to the parcel terminals and pick-up points.
    Not available for products from abroad from some Ozon Global sellers. In this case, place separate orders:

    • An order with Ozon products: you can receive it at the parcel terminal or at the pick-up point.
    • An order with Ozon Global products: you can receive it at the pick-up point or arrange delivery by courier.
  • Payment upon receipt in cash or by card.
    Not available for products from abroad.

Something went wrong #

If you can’t make an order, contact us. Describe the difficulties you are having. Attach a screenshot of the error or the page where the problem occurred. If you know, specify the name and version of the browser you are using.

If you have any questions, contact us.