Transporting animals and luggage on the train

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Transportation of luggage and hand luggage #

Hand luggage are things that you can take with you to the car. In hand luggage, you can take one piece of luggage no heavier than 36 kilograms and no more than 180 cm in the sum of width, length, and height. You need to purchase a travel ticket for each additional hand luggage weighing up to 50 kg.

Baggage are things that are carried in a baggage car. If the luggage is heavier than 36 kilograms and exceeds 180 cm in the sum of width, length, and height, it is necessary to hand it over to the baggage car.

A passenger can carry up to three pieces of luggage with them, each of which must be no heavier than 75 kg and no more than 180 cm in the sum of width, length, and height. You can issue and pay for luggage transportation at the Russian Railways ticket office.

Transportation of animals #

Small pets, birds, and dogs, except for large dogs and guide dogs, are transported in boxes, baskets, cages, containers, which are subject to the following requirements:

  • do not allow the possibility of animals causing harm to the passengers and the carrier;
  • are placed on the storage space for hand luggage;
  • do not exceed 180 cm in the sum of width, length, and height.

Large dogs should be transported in muzzles and with a leash. Furthermore, the passenger must buy all seats in the compartment.

Transportation of animals is allowed not in all types of cars. Before purchasing a ticket, make sure that the transportation of animals is allowed in the car: such cars are marked with the icon. If transportation is allowed, before boarding the train, contact the Russian Railways ticket office and register your pet’s transportation. Make the payment, if it is required. In some cases, the transportation of an animal may be free of charge.

When transporting an animal on the territory of Russia, veterinary accompanying documents are not required.

For disabled passengers accompanied by a guide dog, it’s allowed to travel with it in all types of cars at no extra charge. In this case, the dog must be muzzled, on a leash, and be at the feet of the passenger it is accompanying.

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